How to Apply for KRA Pin

How to Apply for KRA Pin There are many instances where you will require to apply for KRA pin. This document links you with the taxman for the purpose of taxation. The pin certificate is applied online and takes less than five minutes for someone with experience. Upon completion of the required processes, you get […]

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KRA Pin on How to Register and Check Pin Number

KRA Pin: How to Register and Check Pin Number   When the idea of tax comes to people’s mind it’s often associated with a lot of stress and hustles. Most Kenyans cannot comprehend why the government requires them to register with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), and to make matters worse, some are still in […]

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How to apply for a KRA PIN on iTax for Foreigner

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What is a PIN? How to Register for KRA PIN in iTax Portal A PIN is a Personal Identification Number. It is a unique digit used to identify persons, while interacting or transacting business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers. Uses of the KRA PIN Companies & Partnership can authorise Tax […]

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