NTSA TIMS Account Registration Online in Kenya 2023

NTSA TIMS Account Registration Online in Kenya 2023

NTSA TIMS Account Registration Online

New TIMS Account Registration

Free Tutorial to get started with NTSA TIMS account registration and use the account by yourself to access all your Government services in the comfort of your home. This article outlines everything that you need to know from A to Z.

NTSA TIMS Account Registration

Let us get started

Back in 2010, After Kenya decided to take a new turn as a country, there was a need for the country to do reforms in almost every office of the Government. The transformation into a digital lifestyle has been a significant success for the Government and the Kenyan people.

In 2015, TIMS(Transport integration systems) was officialized, and since then, many have benefitted from the portal thanks to the news TIMS portal. Having a TIMS account will allow to you benefit from a couple of NTSA services which are mentioned down below:

  1. Getting your Car Registered
  2. Booking a car inspection
  3. Ownership of your automobile is transferred
  4. Lookup a vehicle’s history
  5. Smart Driving License Application
  6. Request for a duplicate logbook
  7. Reflective number plate application 

Now you have a brief idea of what you can easily do with the ntsa self-service portal or the TIMS portal(They are the same thing). Ther only catch before accessing such services and many more before you initiate the TIMS login password. Don’t worry if that catchphrase does not sound familiar to you. We simply mean the process of starting the TIMS registration protocol.


  1. KRA pin
  2. Working smartphone
  3. Kenyan identity card or official documents if you are not a Kenyan
  4. Access to internet connectivity 

How to register for the NTSA TIMS account

Method 1:

  • Follow the URL(https://www.ntsa.go.ke/site/) on your browser
  • Look for the services list on the header of the website and Select TIMS
  • You will be redirected to the NTSA self-service portal
  • Navigate to the Services list and select TIMS.
  • Scroll the page towards the bottom and tap on the Register button 
  • Filled the triggered options correctly, including your KRA pin and ID number
  • To finish your registration, enter the verification code, and you will be set to access all the services in the NTSA portal.

Method 2:

 You will be forced to use the eCitizen portal to access all the NTSA TIMS services for this particular method. Otherwise, if you had registered using the above procedure, you could still refresh the page to access your dashboard. This specific method is a gateway to accessing NTSA services without visiting ntsa.go.ke. Before you are logged in to your account, NTSA will always be sent you a verification code to confirm if you are the rightful owner. Keep your phone close when trying to log in. 

Method: 3

You can also use the ntsa app to access all its services. You can find the ntsa application on this page.

 NTSA contacts

In case of any issues with your account or any other issues that you think NTSA can easily handle, we recommend that you check the following contact details:

Safaricom:0709 932 000, Telkom:020 6632 000.

Email: info@ntsa.go.ke


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