MY KRA PIN has been suspended

Why we should we should pay taxes as Kenyan citizens

What to do if your KRA PIN has been suspended MY KRA PIN has been suspended The taxman suspended personal identification numbers ((PINS) for many Kenyans at the beginning of this month in move to smoke out tax cheats. However, many of the affected Kenyans are not tax cheats. If your PIN has been suspended, […]

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TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE FROM ITAX How to apply for KRA tax compliance certificate? There are a couple of reasons you would want to get a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC). The main one being – you are after a government tender and you have been asked for your TCC. Our main reason for getting it was […]

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Why You Need a KRA PIN and Who should have Kra Pin 

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Why You Need a KRA PIN?  Who should have kra pin  The moment you get your KRA  Personal Identification Number (PIN), the taxman has you. You are within the tax net and there’s no escape. Ever. So why would you get one? Primarily in Kenya, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the taxpayers’ identification for […]

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