Certificate of good conduct in Kenya and how to apply on eCitizen

Certificate of good conduct in Kenya and how to apply on eCitizen New procedure

Certificate of good conduct in Kenya also known as a Police Clearance Certificate is issued to Kenyans residing in the country, Kenyans residing in foreign countries, foreign citizens who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya and foreign citizens who are aliens and refugees in Kenya.

Most companies in Kenya, NGO’s and government sectors require certificate of good conduct when one is applying for employment.

Occasionally Certificate of good conduct or Police Clearance Certificate for the directors of a company has been requested when placing tenders for the supply of goods and services in Kenya.

The purpose of the good conduct certificate is to verify that the individual’s record held by the Kenyan Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is clean. This is a confirmation that the applicant has not been involved in any criminal activity in the past 6 months or served jail time.

How to apply for a Certificate of good conduct in Kenya – Police Clearance Certificate

Applying for a Certificate of good conduct in Kenya or Police Clearance Certificate is now pretty easy to get since the service is now online.

It’s important to note the Criminal Investigation Department CID headquarters in Nairobi does NOT offer the complete application service.

If you visit them to apply for the Certificate of good conduct, you will be sent to a Cyber Café or a place where you can get access to internet to apply and make payment online.

Once you have applied online and paid for it via Mpesa, you will then be required to visit the CID Hq with the printed payment confirmation for your finger print to be taken and the completion on your application.

What are the requirements of getting a certificate of good conduct?

You need to be above 18 years of age and must have a second-generation national ID and a clear photocopy of your national ID.

You also need an ecitizen account. Don’t worry if you don’t have one you can always create an account for Free. To create an ecitizen account you will need an email address which is need when making your application online. If you don’t have one you can get a free Google email address (gmail) by visiting www.gmail.com and choose Create account.

For payment ensure you have at least Ksh 1,050 on your MPESA as you will be required to pay Ksh 1,000 for the certificate of good conduct online application by MPESA.

If you are using a Cyber café to access internet for your application, also expect to pay at least Ksh 200, this includes the service charge and printing of the Payment confirmation that you will be taking back to Criminal Investigation Department CID headquarters in Nairobi.

How to apply for certificate of good conduct on eCitizen

  • Log into your eCitizen account by visiting ecitizen.go.ke, if you don’t already have an account then create an email account from google by visiting www.gmail.com.

If you already have an email address you don’t need to create one. You only need to access your email using your login user name (email) and password.

  • Now login to your newly created eCitizen account by entering Email Address or ID Number and your password.
  • Once logged in you should see the eCitizen dashboard below.


Once on the dashboard click on Get service Now under Directorate of Criminal Investigations

After clicking on Get service Now you should see the window below. Now click on the blue button Make Application

The next screen should be the Police Clearance Certificate (Good Conduct).click on it to get the extra options.

You are about to complete the application, now click on Police Clearance Certificate Application (Adult)

Next you need to click on Apply Now to be taken to the next page for payment of Ksh 1,050 using Mpesa.

On the next page you should leave open until the Mpesa payment is confirmed automatically. There after you will have a confirmation that you will print and take to the Criminal Investigation Department CID headquarters in Nairobi for your finger prints to be taken and the Certificate of good conduct or Police Clearance Certificate application to be completed.

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