HELB Must Now Explain Why They Rejected Your Loan Application

HELB Must Now Explain Why They Rejected Your Loan Application

How do I apply for the loan or download the application forms?

How much loan can one get?

  • The Higher Educaion Loans Board (HELB) will now be expected to produce proof as to why they think a student whose loan application was rejected can do without it.

    This is after the National Assembly approved amendments to the law on Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

    It is also now mandatotry for the board to give loans to all government sponsored students in public universities.

    In the case where the board rejects a students application for the loan, it is required to give in detail the reasons behind the rejection.

    The reasons, in documentary form, will be proof that the student can go to school and study comfortably, without relying on the loan.

    Government sponsored students, referred to as regular students, especially those from poor families will be given priority when disbursing the loans.

    Kiharu Mp Irungu Kang’ata, said that the amendments would protect students who performed well but are unable to sustain their stay in school because of their poor background.

    Supporting the amendments, nominated MP Amina Abdalla said that most students from poor families miss out on the loans they desperately need, yet no reasons are usually given for the rejection.

    The new amendments come as a relief to most students especially those joining campus this year, after HELB earlier expressed fears that some students would likely miss out on the loans.


    HELB argued that it lacked sufficient funds to give loans to all the students joining university.

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