How Can i get Your KRA pin Today

How Can i get Your KRA pin Today

How To get My KRA pin Certificate online Today

How can i Get KRA pin Number online Now

If you misplaced your kra pin certificate or want to do reprint your pin certificate for one reason or the other, you will need to do a kra pin number download.

The best bit?

Doing a kra pin number download is super easy. Here is how:

Step 1: go to the login page and type your KRA PIN plus the password. Then, complete the security stamp- which involved solving and entering the answer for the simple arithmetic on the screen.

Step 2: Once your kra portal account opens, point to the registration tab and click reprint kra pin certificate.

Step 3: Then fill in the applicant type as taxpayer in the next window. You will see it display some details. Click submit then say ok on the pop up to confirm.

Step 4: That’s all. Click the link that emerges (click here to download pin certificate)

Step 5: You can send it to the printer for printing. Good thing is that a copy of the pin is also sent to your email for future access.

kra pin number download-the email method

There’s another way:

Recall the email you used when you were doing your itax kra go ke registration and log in to this email.

Search for all emails from KRA (admin.itax2) and hopefully, it will still be there. Then open it and download your KRA pin certificate from the said email.

All the same, I find the first kra pin number download method easier.

kra pin number download-kra offices/Huduma center method

If time is on your side, visit the nearest kra office or huduma center you’re your original national ID for assistance.

You’ll have your pin within a few minutes.

How do I print my KRA PIN certificate?

As I mentioned earlier, just log in to the kra portal and reprint your KRA pin certificate or print from your email address.

How can I get my KRA PIN online?

If you’ve forgotten your kra pin, scan a cope of your national ID card (colored both sides) and send an email to requesting for your kra pin details.

Another option is to inbox a colored copy of your national id (both sides) to kra Facebook page or kra twitter handle.

They usually respond to posts within an hour. Don’t hesite to call them in case of unforeseen delays.

Kra contacts

You can similarly contact the KRA customer care Online by calling 020 2815059, (020) 4999999 or mobile 0711099999.

How do I recover my KRA PIN password?

If you lost your kra itax portal password, just use the  forgot my kra password method to obtain a new password.

Final thoughts on kra pin number download

You are spoilt for choice as far as reprinting your kra pin certificate is concerned. To me, the easiest method is to log in to your kra portal, then click registration tab, then reprint kra pin number certificate.

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