How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya 2022

How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

Many Kenyan employers demand a certificate of good conduct when they hire someone new. Kenyans also need it when running for office or when securing a visa to travel abroad.

Learn how to apply for a certificate of good conduct in this simple, step-by-step guide.

What is a Certificate of Good Conduct?

A Certificate of Good Conduct, also known as the police clearance certificate, is a legal document issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya.

The purpose of the document is to show that an individual or entity is ‘clean’. It has the information on whether you have a criminal record or whether a criminal record is pending.

The Certificate of Good Conduct shows any charges against a person.

If you have a case pending in court, the Police Clearance Certificate will show the offences with remarks ‘Outstanding’ in the results column. 

Criminal records are taken from the fingerprints that are recorded from all charged individuals. This includes penal code offence which are forwarded to the DCI for inclusion into the Criminal Database. It starts from all those who have committed serious crimes from the age of 12 years.

What Are the Requirements for the Good Conduct Certificate?

  • You must be a Kenyan citizen above 18 years of age. If below 18 years, one should use a parents/guardian eCitizen account to apply and a birth certificate
  • Copies of your identification details
  • Be a holder of a Kenyan ID card
  • Kshs. 1050
  • Have an eCitizen account
  • Access a cybercafé for printing services in case you don’t have a printer

How to Create an eCitizen Account

  1. Open the browser and visit the eCitizen website.
  2. You will see create an account button on the far-right corner, click it.
  3. Pick the account category you want to apply for. If you are a Kenyan citizen select that option. Key in your ID number and your name as it appears on your ID.
  4. Enter your email address and you will receive the password.
  5. Access your email address to get the confirmation link. Click on it to activate your account.
  6. After the successful confirmation, click on next, enter your phone number and click on send a verification code.
  7. Key in the verification code sent to you from and click verify.
  8. Upload your picture. (Optional)
  9. You have successfully created an eCitizen account.

How to Apply for Certificate of Good Conduct on eCitizen 

It’s very easy to apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct once you have an eCitizen portal account.

  1. Log into your eCitizen account.
  2. Visit the Director of Criminal Investigations tab. Click ‘get service now’ and a new display tab will pop up.
  3. Click on the make application button that can be found on the far-right corner of the screen.
  4. Chose the application you want to make from the given options.
  5. Carefully read the instruction given and when you have understood click on the bottom left part that reads ‘Apply now’.
  6. Fill in the information needed. Some of the essential details that are required include where you will have your fingerprints taken from, your location, and the specific dates among others.
  7. If you need to make amends you can go back. Submit the information.
  8. The payment mode will show up after you have submitted your information. Its easier to pay via Mpesa. Click on the option and a prompt will appear on your phone to complete the transaction.
  9. After eCitizen has confirmed your payment, you will be able to download the C24 form. This is a fingerprint form and indicates that you have paid.
  10. It’s important to note that the C24 form has to be printed on both sides of the A4 paper.

Additionally, you can physically get the forms at any Huduma Centre in Kenya, DCI offices located at Mazingira House, and Kiambu Road.

Requirements for Submission

After you are done with eCitizen, you will need to present your documents to DCI offices. 

  • The applicant
  • Two copies of the paid receipt
  • The C24 printed on both sides of the A4 paper
  • Original ID copy and a photocopy
  • Present finger prints on the C24 form

How to Download A Certificate of Good Conduct

Following this process, you will have to wait between two weeks to four weeks for it to be ready. After this period, you will be notified via text if it’s ready. If not, you can always check on your eCitizen account.

If the process was successful, the tab under the Police Clearance Certificate will have an option to download your Certificate of Good Conduct.

The document is valid for one year. If it elapses and you need another one, you need to repeat the process again.

To confirm whether your Certificate of Good Conduct is legit:

  • Send a short text on your phone with the word “DCI” to 21546 to get the services
  • Dial *512# on your phone
  • Follow the prompts in order to complete the verification

You will receive a text message with the information on whether your certificate is valid or not. 

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