How To Apply For a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

How To Apply For a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

A certificate of good conduct has become increasingly important in Kenya. It serves as a form of police clearance for you, the holder. With it, you have the statement or assurance that you are free and clear of all and any criminal charges for a year, after which you have to apply again. Any Kenyan citizen can have a certificate of good conduct for personal and corporate benefits.

Importance of having a certificate of good conduct

Having a certificate of good conduct is essential for the following reasons

  • Most employers use it as a way to prove that you are of good and trustworthy character.
  • Helps you get government and private tenders and contracts.

Requirements for applying for a certificate of good conduct

For a successful application for police clearance certificate, you will require the following

  • An eCitizen account. (See previous post).
  • An original ID card or birth certificate for applicants below 18 years.
  • Copies of the identification documents.
  • At least 1090 in your MPESA account. The eCitizen charges you Ksh 1050 for the application and MPESA deducts approximately Ksh 30 for the transaction.
  • Approximately Ksh 150 for cyber services which should include application and printing.
  • If you are doing the application for yourself, you will also require a printer.
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Steps to application

  1. Log into your eCitizen account.
  2. Carefully scan the visible dashboard and look for the tab labelled ‘Directorate of Criminal Investigations.’
  3. Click on this tab.
  4. The next page will come with a list of options. Click on Police Clearance Certificate.
  5. A form will then appear prompting you to choose what type of application you are making. Choose ‘Adult’ or ‘Child’ accordingly. Click the apply button.
  6. On the next page, you are required to choose where you would like to have your fingerprints taken. Choose the Huduma Centre nearest you for the fastest and assured process.
  7. Fill in the date, which you would like to go to the centre. Make sure the date is not more than 3 days from your date of application to avoid any challenges. Click the apply button once again.
  8. Now choose the mode of payment. While eCitizen offers a list of available payment channels such as Visa Card, Airtel Money and Telkom Money, MPESA remains the easiest, fastest and safest method. Thus, click on MPESA.
  9. The drop down page will give you the PAYBILL business and account numbers.
  10. While still on this page, go to your sim card icon on your phone and click on it.
  11. Go to MPESA, and scroll to Lipa na Mpesa.
  12. Choose the PAYBILL option.
  13. Carefully enter the provided business and account numbers. (The account numbers are often in capital letters, thus make sure to have your caps lock on).
  14. Put in Ksh. 1050 in the amount.
  15. Put in your pin number.
  16. Confirm that all the details you entered are correct and then send the confirmation. The MPESA message will soon come to your phone.
  17. Your computer should automatically confirm this payment within 60 seconds.

After application

  • Once your application is successful, the portal will redirect you to a page where you will get the option to print the Invoice and C24 forms.
  • Print these out and make copies of them.
  • You should then take the originals and copies to the Huduma Centre near you and ask for the CID desk.
  • The clearance and certificate issuance process takes about 10 working days, which translate to two normal weeks.
  • After the time lapses, you should log back in to your eCitizen account and check if you got the clearance. If the process was successful, the tab under Police Clearance Certificate should have an option to download Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • This document is valid for up to one year after which you will have to repeat the process.

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