How To Apply For a KRA PIN Online

How To Apply For a KRA PIN Online

The Kenya Revenue Authority is the official Kenyan institution tasked with all matters taxes in the country. You however cannot access KRA services such as filing returns and getting a tax compliance certificate if you do not have a KRA pin. This is the unique number that not only identifies you as a taxpayer, but also affords you other benefits outlined below. This is a guide on how to apply for your KRA pin.

Importance of KRA pin

Having a KRA pin is vital in the following ways

  • Allows you to file taxes
  • Necessary for most government jobs for payslip purposes
  • Necessary for land ownership
  • Necessary for vehicle ownership
  • Necessary for passport application
  • Necessary for business registration
  • Necessary for TIMS account registration.

Requirements for application

Now that you understand the importance of having a KRA pin, it is time to apply for one. For a successful application, you will need the following things:

  • Working internet connection
  • Working email address
  • Original ID card
  • Phone number
  • Printer

Steps to follow

  1. Go to your computer browser and open two tabs. Sign in to your email address on one tab and let it be on standby.
  2. On the second tab, key in the address This will lead you to the home page of the iTax portal.
  3. On the left side of the page, there will be two options. One for people who already have a pin and the other for new applicants. Click the ‘New PIN registration’ button.
  4. This prompt will lead you to a new page, which is the beginning of the application process. Two fields will appear. On the first field, enter the option ‘individual tax payer’ if you are registering for a personal pin. On the second field choose ‘online application’ and then click the ‘next’ button.
  5. The next part is a series of sections that require you to fill in carefully. Some of the details required include your type of citizenship, your profession, your ID number, and date of birth as indicated on the ID card. If the ID card details match with the information already on file in the government database, then some of the other fields will automatically fill. However, some people face difficulties especially because of different dates of birth. If this happens, do not panic. Just visit the nearest KRA office for detail reconciliation.
  6. Then fill in your physical address if any, phone number and email address. Under the email address tab, press the ‘send verification’ button and be on the lookout for the code KRA will send to your email address. You can continue to fill in the other fields as you wait, but keep in mind the application will not be successful without the code.
  7. The remaining part of the form will only require your tax obligation type, which for this case is ‘income tax resident.’ Fill in the date of your registration, and move on to the next tab, which requires your employment details. Fill in accordingly and move on to the last tab, which requires agent details. Since you are doing this for yourself, leave the field blank.
  8. Now go back to the first page and then open the tab with your email. Check for the code sent by KRA or iTax. Fill in the unique 4-digit number in the box provided. Then go to the last page.
  9. Fill in the arithmetic problem provided and click next. The page will ask you to confirm your choice. When you do, a link with your pin certificate will appear. Click on it to download the certificate on to your computer. You have successfully applied for a KRA pin.

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