How to Apply for Kra Pin Using Itax Portal Online in Kenya

How to Apply for Kra Pin Using Itax Portal Online in Kenya

Apply for New Kra Pin Today online in Kenya

Apply for KRA PIN for an individual Today

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How to Apply for Kra Pin Using Itax Portal

The Kenya Revenue Authority has upgraded the tax collection and management system.

They have thus shifted from the Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) to the new iTax system. Those individuals with PINs generated using the old system are being requested to update them into the new Itax system.

The same case applies to those who are applying for a new PIN, they are supposed to use the new iTax system.

I will try to give you a simple procedure of how to go about it when you are applying for your PIN the first time using Itax Portal.

If you already have a Pin generated using the older ITMS system, you should Update your KRA pin to iTax.

Click on Register to start the process of Itax PIN application

Why Do I Need a Kra Pin?

  1. To file taxes such as VAT, Income Tax, PAYE, and Rental Income among others.
  2. The law requires you to have a Kra Pin while making some transactions. These include; buying and selling land, importing goods, registering a business and many more.

What You Need When Applying for Kra Pin

  • Resident Individuals: National Identification Number and Date of Birth
  • Non – Resident Individuals: Alien ID
  • Companies and Partnerships: Certificate of Registration.

How to Apply for Kra Pin Using Itax Portal

The first thing is to go to the iTax Portal, you can use this link. Upon the portal opening, you will see two options or rather two questions:-

  1. Do you have a PIN? Enter PIN/User ID
  2. Do you want to apply for a PIN? To get a new PIN, Click Here

When applying for a PIN for the first time, use the second option. Click on the “Register’ link and a new web page will open.

On the new page, you have to fill in two questions:

a) Taxpayer type – individual – this is for a person as opposed to a company. Nonindividual – this is the option to use when applying for a company, NGO, International Organization, Diplomatic Organization, Government Organizations, and other types of PINs.

b) Mode of registration – there are two modes – Online and Upload form. Use the online mode and click next to proceed.

Fill these two and click on next

Four Important Tabs at the Top

  1. Basic Information
  2. Obligation Details
  3. Source of Income Details
  4. Agent Details

Basic Information

The first option is to indicate if you want to register for Digital Services Tax. This is a tax payable on income derived or accrued in Kenya from services offered through a digital marketplace.

Select your citizenship.

Indicate if you want to register for Turnover Tax. Turnover Tax(TOT) is a tax charged on gross sales of a business as per Sec. 12(c) of the Income Tax Act. Turnover Tax (TOT) is payable by resident persons whose gross turnover from business is more than Kshs. 1,000,000 and does not exceed or is not expected to exceed Kshs 50,000,000 in any given year.

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Select your profession from the list provided.

Next input your ID number and date of birth. If the two are correct, a lot of information will be populated automatically.

The other details you will have to input are your physical address information, postal address, and contact details.

When inputting your email, make sure it is one you have access to or it is functioning. Click on Send OTP code and open your email to retrieve the code.

Once you have filled in the necessary parts click on the next button at the bottom of the page.

Obligation Details

On the Obligation Details page, you are supposed to fill your tax obligation. The obligations available are Income Tax Resident, Income Tax NonResident, Income Tax PAYE (for the employer only), Turnover Tax, Digital Service Tax and Value Added Tax.

For an individual Kenyan citizen, you will use the Income Tax Resident. Remember to choose the registration date which will be the date you are applying for the PIN.

Fill the tax obligation details

Source of Income

This is the last tab you will have to fill and what is required is your source(s) of income.

There are three options, Employment Income, Rental Income, and Business Income.

If you are in none of the provided categories, you can select no for all and proceed.

In case you choose a business income, you will be required to enter details about your business. You will have to select the sector of the economy you are involved in among the ones on the list.

Click Add to save it in the database. Click on next to continue when done.

Source of Income

Agent Details

You will most likely skip this option unless you have an agent authorized to make any submission on your behalf.

Final Stage

Perform the arithmetic operation at the bottom and then click submit.

There will be a pop up asking if that is the email you want to use for the PIN you have applied. If you are okay with that and click okay, the form will be submitted.

You will get a PIN immediately on your Itax page. Download it and print. Another copy of your PIN together with your initial password will be sent to your email.

You can leave things as they are but you will be missing one crucial final stage of creating your Itax log in password.


Once you become registered and get your PIN, you must file Income Tax Individual returns. For VAT, PAYE, Rental and Excise Duty, among others, it is done monthly and Income Tax Individual once a year.

Creating Your Itax Log in Password

Log in to your email and you will find your PIN and password that have been generated by Itax.

Open Itax portal again and input your pin, password, and arithmetic calculation. In some areas copy-paste is disabled so you will have to rely on manual entry. But of course, if you are the techie type, you can drag and drop.

A new page will appear that will let you change your password and as well as create a security question. Make sure you do not forget your password.

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