How To Apply For Police Clearance Certificate (Good Conduct) In Kenya 

How To Apply For Police Clearance Certificate (Good Conduct) In Kenya 


How can I apply for my Good Conduct (Police Clearance Certificate) in Kenya today?.

Here is an easy step by step guide on how you can be able to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate also known as a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A Police Clearance Certificate or a Certificate of Good Conduct is a document that issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Department.

You can easily apply for a police clearance certificate online and be able to acquire your good conduct.

In Kenya, you are not allowed to manually apply for a certificate of good conduct, which means physically presenting yourself for the application is not necessary.

All you have to do to get your police clearance certificate is to simply apply for the certificate online, which is easy, fast and secure.

The police clearance certificate application process is done through the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Portal on eCitizen.

The Certificate of Good Conduct is only issued to people who are in the following category;

Kenyans residing in the country

Kenyans residing in foreign countries

Foreign citizens, who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya

Foreign citizens, who are aliens and refugees in Kenya

Only the applicants can apply for their own police clearance certificate online, it is illegal to apply for a certificate of good conduct on behalf of someone else no matter the relationship between the two of you.

What if we are talking about a child.

Can children apply for a police clearance certificate?.

All children are basically under the age of 18 years, which means they do not have a National ID.

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In this case, minors are able to apply for a certificate of good conduct only through their parents.

A parent is allowed to apply for a police clearance certificate on behalf of their child/children.

This is only possible if the child/children (minor applicants) have the following documents;

An original birth certificate

A Photocopy of the original birth certificate.

The Photocopy of the certificate must be present during the police clearance certificate online application process.

The child’s certificate of good conduct will then be issued to the parent’s eCitizen portal once its ready, and the parent can print out the hard copy of the certificate.

With that said, here are the requirements of applying for a police clearance certificate in Kenya.

Police Clearance Certificate Application Requirements:

To apply for certificate of good conduct in Kenya, you are required to have the following;

• Original National ID or Birth Certificate for minors

• An active email address

• An Active Phone Number

• Applicable Ksh. 1050

If you are in possession of the above listed requirements, follow the easy steps provided below to apply for a certificate of good conduct today.

Certificate Of Good Conduct (Police Clearance Certificate) Online Application Process:

To apply for your police clearance certificate online, you will need an eCitizen Account.

How To Create an eCitizen account:

Visit the eCitizen Website and create an account, it’s easy and free.

Once you have created an E-Citizen account, follow this steps below to apply for a good conduct certificate.

    • Log in to your eCitizen account and navigate to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.
    • Fill out the required information by following the instructions provided.
    • Once done, go ahead and make your payments through your preferred Payment Method.
  • You can download and print out two of your invoices and a copy of your C24 on both sides of an A4 paper.
  • The next step is to present the C24 and the invoice, together with an original National ID. For minors (children) present their Original Birth Certificate to the Directorate Of Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters or the nearest Huduma Center, for finger print processing.
The Payment Method and Steps:

• Choose your preferred payment Method

• Either Mobile Money (M-Pesa), Credit and Debit

• For M-Pesa, simply use the eCitizen MPESA Paybill Number: 206206 and the Account Number as generated by the system to make your payment of Ksh. 1050

• Click on ‘Complete’ once done with your payment

• The payment details will update on the system almost instantly.

If you get a payment Failed Message. Don’t panic! Head over back to the dashboard and click on the draft thread of the failed payment. You will see a ‘paid’ update and download the invoice and the C24 form.

When you are done with the online process, make sure you have the following when going to submit your application.

Copies of your payment invoices (2 copies), (Payment Recipient)

A copy of the C24 that is printed on both sides

An Original National ID Card (photocopy)

An Original Birth Certificate (photocopy) for minors only

You will have your fingerprints taken and recorded on a fingerprint form C24.

Congratulations! You are all done, the next step is to wait for your police clearance certificate to be ready so that it can be issued to you.

This process takes typically 30 days or less, but this may vary depending on various factors.

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