How to Apply for your KRA PIN Certificate

How to Apply for your KRA PIN Certificate

Your KRA PIN is your Personal Identification Number used while doing business with KRA or any other service providers in Government Agencies.

The importance of having a KRA PIN

You will need a KRA PIN if;

  1. You wish to apply for a HELB loan
  2. You are employed
  3. You are in business
  4. You want to perform various transactions such as;
  • Application of VAT registration
  • Registration of motor vehicles
  • Registration of titles
  • To facilitate goods importation among others.

How to register for a KRA PIN

  • The whole process is done online on iTax.
  • You will be required to duly fill an online registration form.
  • Upon successful completion, ONLY Residents will receive their PIN certificate.
  • Non- residents, however, receive an online acknowledgement receipt which should be presented to Times Tower together with other documents in order to complete their KRA PIN registration process.

Requirements for Residents

  1. Business registration certificate details if the Resident is in business or,
  2. The employer’s PIN details if the Resident is employed.
  3. National Identification card (ID) if the Resident is a citizen or,
  4. An Alien Identification card if the Resident is a Non- citizen.

Requirements for a Non- residents

  1. KRA PIN application acknowledgement receipt
  2. Letter of introduction by employer if the Non- resident is employed
  3. Original valid passport of applicant
  4. Employers PIN
  5. Valid Special Pass of applicant

NOTE: there are more categories of persons applying for the KRA PIN certificate and I advise further clarifications from the approving officers at Times Tower ground floor at the banking hall.

How to download your KRA PIN Certificate

  1. Visit the iTax portal
  2. Enter your KRA PIN number
  3. Enter your iTax password and solve the arithmetic question
  4. iTax account iPage will appear on your screen
  5. Click on the registration tab the reprint PIN certificate
  6. Download the KRA PIN certificate, the process is complete.

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