Kenya Revenue Authority has improved and redesigned the new ITMS system. This allows you to successfully submit your KRA returns using the new iTax System. There are several ways to applying for a new KRA pin and also submitting your KRA returns online.

Step 1: Visit the iTax Online System
The best way to submit your returns or acquire a new KRA PIN is by using the itax system developed for the better KRA returns submission.
First things for first, you will need to access the iTax system website –

Step 2:  For new KRA PIN Registration

If you are not registered that is if you don’t habari a KRA PIN, you can register for s new KRA PIN. On the left of the iTax website system there’s a place for entering a PIN or for new registration. Click on New Registration and then proceed as per the instructions.

Step 3: Choosing Taxpayer Type
On click the new registration link you will be brought to a new page which has some menu you wish to select. Choose an option depending on who you are.

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Individual Taxpayer – this option is basically for personal KRA PIN that’s for students, employee, entrepreneurs and many personal option.

Non Individual KRA PIN – this is for businesses and companies in operation.

You will also need to select the Mode of Registration whether it is “Online Form” or “Upload Form”.

Step 4: Basic Information

You will now be required to fill in your information on this form with accurate details. Once you complete inputting your details, you will need to click “Next” in order to proceed to the next section.

Step 5: Taxpayer Obligation Details

KRA has added some new improvement on the way you will need to meet the tax obligation requirements. In the previous ITMS, you were only expected to tick a check box. However on the new iTax system, you are expected to put the registration date next to your tax obligation that you have selected.

Step 6: Source of Income

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iTax system has brought in a new requirement that will expect all taxpayers to mention their source of income.

Step 7: Agent Details

KRA has introduced a new regulation on the PIN registration which will require that you have an authorized Tax Agent to submit your application on your behalf. This means that you simply can’t finish the PIN registration process by yourself.

Once every field has been filled with correct information you will be able to submit the information. However in the event you had forgotten to fill a field, an Error Tab will appear and inform you the sections where you have not completed before you can proceed.

Step 8: Download & Print
When you successfully submit your information, you will be able to see a message saying “Registration Application has been Submitted Successfully.” Your new PIN will be displayed on the screen and you will also be to see a link labeled “Click here to download PIN certificate” that will allow you to download your new PIN and print. That’s it.