How To Check & Pay KRA Penalties on iTax

How To Check & Pay KRA Penalties on iTax

  • Filing tax returns is the obligation of every Kenyan with a KRA Pin and failure to do so prompts penalties for the citizen.

    In case you are not sure whether you owe Kenya Revenue Authority, here is a guide to help you check your penalties.

    Tax offenses attract different penalties and interest.

    A KRA poster displaying the new working hours.

    Checking For Penalties

    1. Log in to

    2. Enter your KRA PIN, then click continue. Enter your password and Security Stamp (answer the arithmetic sum) and click login.

    3. On the dashboard, select My Ledger. A drop down will appear, click on General Ledger.

    4. Fill in all the tabs
    5. Under transaction type select penalty

    6. For Account type click on Taxpayer Main Account

    7. Tax Head / SubHead select your preferred inquiry i.e Taxpayer Main Account, Advance Payment

    8. For the duration tabs, key in the period you have queries on. 

    9. When done, click on the show ledger.

    10. If successful, a tab will appear on your screen with the data. Your records will show whether you have penalties or not.

    How To Pay for Penalties

    To remit penalties and interest, here is a guide for the taxpayer. 

    Still on the dashboard select Payment.

    Click on payment registration and follow the directions to pay for a penalty.

    Fill in your details, an electronic slip (E-Slip) will be generated. Download it.

    The E-slip will contain a payment registration number. Use it as the account number when paying via Mpesa.


    On the Mpesa menu, select Paybill. Enter KRA Account Number as 572572 as the business number.

    For the account number, enter the registration number.

    Enter the amount due.  You will receive a confirmation message from M-pesa.

    Waiver Process 

    Once all the debt is settled, fill in a waiver application form.

    In the KRA Portal, select Debit and Enforcement. You will be directed to the Application Form for Waiver. 

    Fill in the required details then submit the application form.

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