How To Get A Certificate Of Good Conduct In Kenya 2023

How To Get A Certificate Of Good Conduct In Kenya Today

How to Get A Certificate Of Good Conduct

Get A Certificate Of Good Conduct Online

Perhaps you do not know how to apply for certificate of good conduct on ecitizen, its easy and the following is a step by step guide on how to get a certificate of good conduct in Kenya:

Step 1: Use your login (email address) and password to log in to your eCitizen account at You’ll be sent to the eCitizen dashboard after clicking this.

Step 2: Once you’re on the dashboard, go to the “Directorate of Criminal Investigations” area and click “Get Service Now.”

Step 3: Follow the instructions on how to apply for a Kenya eCitizen certificate of good conduct.

Step 4: Select a payment method to pay Ksh. 1,050 for a Kenyan good conduct certificate.

Step 5: Print two copies of the payment invoice and a copy of the C24 form on both sides of A4 paper after downloading the certificate of good conduct.

Step 6: Once you’ve completed the good conduct application online, deliver the paper to the CID offices.

Step 7: You can specify a particular date for fingerprint processing throughout the application procedure before moving on to the e-citizen certificate of good conduct download section.

Step 8: In the event of a minor, you must provide the invoice, C24 document, and an original identity document or original birth certificate.

Step 9: At the CID headquarters on Kiambu road, past Muthaiga Golf Club, you will be put through fingerprint processing.

Duration To Complete Processing Certificate Of Good Conduct

Unfortunately, it is not immediately since DCI need to take your finger prints and do a background check of your criminal records.

How long does it take to get certificate of good conduct? The certificate of good conduct should take between two weeks and one month to process, following which it should be available for pickup at DCI Headquarters in Nairobi.

Ways To Check If Your Good Conduct Is Ready

You do not have to go back to DCI to check if your certificate is ready. This is how to check if my certificate of good conduct is ready in Kenya:

1. Login to your ecitizen portal

2. Click ‘Get Services’ under Directorate of Criminal Investigations menu

3. Check under ‘Recent Applications’

If your certificate is ready, it will be there ready for download as a pdf file. This is how to download my certificate of good conduct, check for a ready certificate will read as GENERATE CERTIFICATE PN NIL. Click it to download.

4. You can also click on reference number starting with PCC- to view the downloaded files

Renewing Certificate Of Good Conduct

Good conduct certificate expires after one year and you have to renew if you desire to use it. Just like you applied for a new certificate, that is still the process of how to renew certificate of good conduct. You will still pay Ksh. 1050 fee for a new record check whether or not you have any criminal records.

Certificate of good conduct Kenya huduma centre can still be obtained but you will have to bear with the long queues. Besides, its much easier to use ecitizen portal.

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