How to Get a KRA PIN Certificate In Kenya

How to Get a KRA PIN Certificate In Kenya

Get a KRA PIN Certificate Online

How can i Get a KRA PIN Certificate Today

The need to have a Kenya Revenue Authority certificate has never been as important as it is today. This is because it has become a must-have to access the majority of services in the country.

How to Register a Business Name in Kenya

Some of these include registering a business or a company, opening a bank account, and even getting a job. Hence, this article will focus on how to get a KRA pin certificate.

However, KRA has made the process of getting a PIN certificate easier and faster. This is because the process is online.

If you are not comfortable with doing the process online, you can visit any of their offices countrywide to get a PIN certificate.

Below are the steps of how to get a KRA PIN certificate

Step 1: Visit the KRA I-TAX portal

Step 2: Click pin registration. Then select individual registration

Step 3: Fill in the registration details as per the request. These include details such as citizenship, names, sources of income, amount of income, bank information, and the tax agent if there is any. Others include detailing if you are a director of any registered company. The contact details such as email address and phone number are also required.

Step 4: Once the application form is complete, you should submit it.

Step 5: Wait for review.  The application has to undergo review by KRA. If successful, a pin certificate is generated.

Various obligations come with having a KRA pin certificate. These include filing annual tax returns. You should do this by the 30th of June. Learn more about How to file your KRA returns.

Tax filing is mandatory even when there are no returns. This is known as nil returns.

It is also possible to get a pin certificate for non-Kenyans. Some of the requirements for this include the;

  • passport number and copy
  • Letter of introduction from the tax agent
  • PIN of the tax agent
  • Tax agent compliance tax certificate.

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