How to Link Business in Kenya

Link Business in Kenya

The “link business” option requires clients to provide details for their business entities and we, in turn, verify the details against the data that we have. This essentially means that only the proprietor, directors/shareholders or a Certified Company Secretary (CPS) can utilize the “link business” option.

 The procedure is as follows

  • Log in to the directors, director-shareholder or Appointed company secretaries account,
    •  The ecitizen account in question could be:
      • A citizens account
      • A foreign residents account
      • A linked active business account
  • select “Link  Business” where you will be prompted to enter the name or registration number of the business.(We recommend that you search by NAME, as registration numbers may differ from what you have)
  • Select your business from the list of results displayed and confirm the name matches that which appears on your certificate.
  • Proceed and indicate the capacities of all current Directors, Director-shareholders, shareholders and appointed secretary if any.

NB!! Should your company be a Public limited company you may omit the shareholders’ information. Enter only Director and Director-shareholder details.

  • Enter the registered office address of the entity.
  • Submit the application. This is a free service.

NB!! It is recommended that you ensure your manual records of registration held at the company registry are up to date prior to linking the business as per your current company status. This is to facilitate prompt action by our backend team

  • Upon submission, the backend process involves verifying information received against our manual records.
  • Once approved, Entity will appear as a verified and published entity in each of the directors, director-shareholders and or company secretaries account by default.
  • Any of the above upon logging in to their eCitizen account will be able to see the active business by clicking on BUSINESSES in their menu.
  • Clicking View against the Active Status allows you to enter and view the business account where you can maintain your accompany as you wish e.g., File for changes, Annual returns etc.

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