How To Open A TIMS Account Today in Kenya

How To Open A TIMS Account Today in Kenya

TIMS Account Opening in Kenya

How to Open TIMS Account Online in Kenya

This article focuses on how to open a TIMS account in Kenya. Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) is an online platform that enables you to conveniently access services offered by NTSA.

Some of the NTSA services that you can access with a TIMS account include;

  • Motor vehicle inspection booking.
  • Motor vehicle registration.
  • License application and renewal.
  • Application of duplicate logbook.
  • Vehicle ownership transfer/ logbook transfer.
  • Reflective number plate application.
  • Online vehicle search.
  • Training curriculum and necessary guidelines for drivers.

Requirements For Opening A TIMS Account

Opening a TIMS account is free. You will only need to have the following documents of requirements.

  • KRA PIN.
  • Original ID card.
  • Good internet connection.

How To Open A TIMS Account

1. On your browser, search for the TIMS/NTSA website

2. Click on Register an account.

3. A list of options will be displayed for you to choose the type of account you want to register.

4. The options include; Individual, Dealer, Agent, Financial institution, Company and Driving school.

5. Select the right type of account to be registered.

6. Click on Citizen then key in your ID serial number. Click on verify after correctly filling your ID serial number.

7. Proceed to fill in the required information. This includes your KRA PIN, mother’s maiden name (middle name) and phone number.

8. Click on send authorization code then wait for the code to be sent via SMS.

9. Enter the code sent then proceed to verify.

10. The next step is to fill in details on your county of residence and valid email address. Click next after filling in the details.

11. A password will be sent via SMS. Use the password sent by TIMS to log in to your account.

12. You can opt to go back to the homepage then log in using the password provided. After successful login, go to the change password option and input a new password which you will use to access your account.

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