How to Recover Forgotten KRA Pin year 2022

How to Recover Forgotten KRA Pin year 2022

Reset Password and Retrieve forgot Email Address – How to unlock your Blocked KRA iTax Login Portal Account

How to Recover Forgotten KRA Pin Number or Email Address

Most people usually misplace their KRA Pin certificates or forget the email address they registered KRA Pin with where the KRA Pin details were sent.

Now you will not trouble your mind with questions like, How do I Get My KRA Pin after Losing It? or I lost my KRA pin what do I do? The good news is that Kenya Revenue Authority has put in place several ways to help you recover your forgotten Pin Number or email address

You can do either of the following to recover your lost or forgotten KRA Pin Number or email address

How to Recover Forgotten KRA Pin Number or Email Address

  1. Method 1

    Visit the closest KRA Office with your Original ID Card to request for your pin or email address

  2. Method 2

    Scan in colour (not black and white), both sides of your National ID and send it to KRA via KRA email address Put the subject of your email as KRA pin. However this is slower compared to the use of their Facebook and Twitter social media handles.

  3.  Method 3

    Send a direct message (DM) and a coloured copy of your National ID to any of the KRA social media handles Facebook or Twitter, requesting for your pin. The response here from KRA is faster than via email.

  4. Method 4

    Visit Huduma centres across the country with a copy of your original National ID Card.

  5. Method 5

    Call 0711099999, 020-3310900 and 020-281000, fax 341342

How to Reset Forgot KRA Password

If you have forgotten your KRA Portal password, you can reset it by clicking on ‘Forgot Password/Unlock Account’ link below the tabs. For you to find that link you have to type your correct pin number and click ‘continue

Another page will appear. Just click on the forgot password/unlock account link. This will land you to a new forgot password portal.

Here you will find a security stamp question. Fill all the required fields and submit the data.

An email from KRA will be sent to you through your registered email address. It will contain your log in details including a new password. Use this new password to login to your account.

After you log in, make sure you change your password and enter your new security question plus the answer. This new password should be unique, personal and secret and easy to remember. It should have not less than eight characters that are alpha-numeric ie (should contain letters with both upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters)

How can I change my password if I have forgotten my security question?

If you have forgotten your security question you are required to send your PIN to KRA for password and security question reset through the following ways:

  • Send an email to and
  • Call KRA using these numbers – 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105
  • Visit the nearest KRA office.

Forgot KRA Email or want to change your KRA Email Address in your KRA Portal

Have you forgotten your email address? or has your email been compromised or your email is no longer accessible? (e.g you had registered KRA using your former employer’s company email). Worry no more! You can now change your email address on KRA portal.

How to change your KRA Email Address in your KRA Portal

1. To change your KRA email address, log in to your KRA Portal click on the Registration Tab.

2. Click on the Amend PIN Details and a new window opens.

3. The e-amendment of registration form will open. Click to open the online form. Check the box beside the PIN field to view all the editable sections. All the amendable fields will be shown, Tick the Checkbox with the basic information part

5. Click on the Principal Contact details and type your new KRA email address.

6. Click on the submit icon. You will receive a notification you that you have entered a new KRA email as the main email address on iTax Portal.

7. Click the OK button.

8. You will get a notification confirming the finalization of the KRA email address change in the KRA Portal.

9. After the KRA Personnel verifies and approves the KRA email change, an email will be sent to you with a downloadable PIN certificate with the updated email address.

What do I do if my Password/Pin is Locked?

If you have blocked or locked your KRA Password, don’t worry, they are reset automatically within 24 hours.

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the 24 hours, you can use the following alternative ways:

  • Send your PIN to KRA to be unlocked/reset through email address and
  • Call KRA Offices using 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105
  • Visit the nearest KRA office.

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