How To Register For Kenya eCitizen Portal 

Step by step eCitizen Portal registration

The eCitizen portal is a gateway to all government services in Kenya. Use this free online service to access information and various services offered by the Kenyan government.

Prior to the creation of the eCitizen portal, Kenyans had to endure long queues and state bureaucracy issues before completing an application for government services. Now you can save time and energy by using the eCitizen. Paying for those services was a headache.

The eCitizen portal is an online one-stop portal that enables Kenyans to apply and pay for government services online. Anyone with access to the eCitizen portal can access government information and make online payments for the following services.

  1. Application for and renewal of driving license in Kenya
  2. Apply and pay for a passport
  3. Solemnize your marriage and get your marriage certificate
  4. Get a Kenyan Visa
  5. Register your business name
  6. Easier commissioning of affidavits
  7. Apply for special licenses for marriage
  8. Conduct an online business name search
  9. Apply for a land rent clearance certificate

How To Register For eCitizen Portal In Kenya

You need your National ID card number, a working e-mail address, a passport sized photograph and an active mobile number to register and activate an eCitizen portal account. You then need to choose from four types of accounts:

  • CITIZENS – for Kenyan citizens only. To register for the Citizens account, you need your ID number and first name.
  • BUSINESS – for any business that is registered in Kenya. A business registration number is required to create this account.
  • FOREIGN RESIDENTS – for foreigners who are living in Kenya. Your foreigner certificate replaces the National ID number.
  • VISITORS – Any foreigner who needs a Kenyan Visa to be allowed to enter Kenya can easily acquire a VISA through the eCitizen portal.
  1. Go to the eCitizen portal, click on the Create account button at the top-right corner of the page.
  2. You have a choice of four accounts: Citizens, Business, Foreign Residents and Visitors (described above). The CITIZENS account is obviously more popular.
  3. The rest of the steps are for the popular CITIZENS account on the eCitizen portal. Verify your National ID Number and First name by entering the two on the verification form. Then click Verify.
  4. If the ID number and first name are correct, you are taken to Step 2. The portal displays your passport-sized photo, Full Name and ID Number. You now need to enter your E-mail, choose your gender and create a passwordAgree with the eCitizen portal Terms and Conditions, then click Continue.
  5. You need to verify your e-mail address to continue. Go to your e-mail inbox, open the e-mail from eCitizen and click the verification link. Upon successful verification, click on Next.

  6. You have to verify your mobile number. Enter your mobile number to receive the verification code via SMS. Then enter the verification code, click Verify.
  7. The final step requires you to upload a recent, passport size photo (maximum size 500px by 500px). Then click Continue to finish the eCitizen portal registration!

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