How to Register for TIMS NTSA Account

How to Create a TIMS NTSA Account

You have to create a TIMS NTSA Account when dealing with issues concerning motor vehicles in Kenya. This is account is different from the eCitizen account.

“National Transport and Safety Authority Act (NTSA) is a statutory body established by the National Transport and Safety Authority Act (2012) to bring about sanity in our roads. To this end, NTSA brings together under one roof the functions of Motor Vehicle Registration, Transport Licensing, and Motor Vehicle Inspection, Road Safety, Driver Testing and some extent Traffic Law enhancement.” – NTSA

How to Create a TIMS NTSA Account
Creating NTSA TIMS Account

You are required to create a TIMS NTSA account to deal with issues as;

  1. Buying and selling of motor vehicles
  2. Booking inspection of motor vehicle
  3. Applying for smart driving license
  4. Performing a motor vehicle search
  5. Applying for Vehicle Registration
  6. Confirmation of Ownership Transfer
  7. Accept Ownership
  8. For Applying change of particulars
  9. Applying for Duplicate Logbook
  10. Applying for Reflective Number Plate
  11. Confirmation of In-charge
  12. Forced Transfer
  13. Re-registration
  14. Re-registration of Civilian to Civilian
  15. For re-registration of Motor Vehicles
  16. Confirmation of Re-registration
  17. Accept Ownership For Re-registration

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