How to register on the NTSA TIMS platform Online Today

NTSA in 2016 asked all car owners to register on the NTSA TIMS platform as it was where they would be offering their services going forward.The following services will be available on the new platform

  • Car Registration
  • Transfer of car ownership
  • Change of particulars
  • Duplicate Logbook application
  • Reflective Number Plate applicaton
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Online car search using either the registration number or the chassis number

To register on the new NTSA TIMS platform, you need to do the following:

1. Go here and create an account

2. Add their initial details to create an account; i.e. ID Serial Number (NOT ID number), PIN Number and Mother’s Maiden Name.

3. They will then need to add their occupation and phone number.

4. They will need to request a verification code by clicking on the button next to the phone number.

5. Once they get the code and add it on the verification tab, they will be good to go.

They can now go to and log in.

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