How to Renew Driving License Online Today

How to Renew Driving License Online Today

Driving License renewal Online in Kenya

How to Renew Driving License Online Today

A driving licence is a legal document issued to you by the Kenyan government through NTSA, authorizing you to drive a motor vehicle.

The Kenyan transport sector ensures that, there is road sanity along all the Kenyan roads through the NTSA. Therefore, all drivers have to produce a valid licence that shows that they qualified to drive.

In 2018, a new digital driving license in Kenya also known as a smart driving licence was rolled out for use. The digital licence is meant to replace the red booklet licence.

With the digital licence, you will not need to carry the booklet every where you go, since it can be retrieved online.

The NTSA has made things easier for Kenyan drivers, by allowing them to carry on online registration by themselves. Registration can be done from home, cyber or offices as long as there is available internet connection.

Renew Driving License Online Easy Steps

For a successful driving license renewal, follow the following steps on how to renew driving license online in Kenya

Step 1: Log-in to the NTSA/ eCitizen portal (You will be required to use either your E-mail address or National ID Number)

Step 2: Enter your Password and send.

Step 3: Select NTSA for online renewal of driving license in Kenya

Step 4: Go to Submit Application, then click on Driving Licenses

Step 5: Select on the provided options whether you want to renew for a valid period of 3 years or 1 year.

Step 6: Verify your driving licence renewal details carefully, then click Apply Now.

Step 7: Press Submit

Step 8: Print your driving renewal license slip.

Payment Of Driving Licence Renewal

Note that, NTSA offers you different modes of payment you can choose from.

Such modes of payment include;

  • The use of your mobile phone and pay through either Mpesa or Orange Money.
  • Using a Debit or Credit card

Mpesa Paybill for Driving License Renewal

The NTSA pay bill number is 206206.

Driving License Renewal Fee

Renewing your driving licence will cost you, depending on the validity period. You can either renew it last for a year, or 3 years.

Three year license validity will attract a fee of Ksh. 1400 and a convenience fee of Ksh. 50.

One year license validity will attract fee charges at fee of Ksh. 600 and an extra Ksh. 50 for convenience fee.


I hope this article is informative enough to answer your questions appropriately. Don’t forget to verify your personal details, when following the steps on how to Renew Driving License Online in Kenya.

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