Let’s Talk About the Law

In Kenyan law, act 33 of the traffic act states that;

“No person shall drive a vehicle unless they hold a valid driving license or a provisional license endorsed in respect of that class of vehicle”.

If you break this law, you are liable to pay a Ksh. 7000 fine on the spot for not having a driving license of the class of vehicle you are driving, or Ksh. 1000 for not renewing your driving license on time. This law is enforced by the Kenyan police and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

Important Updates For You to Consider Before Renewing Your Driving License Online in Kenya

Due to strides made by the Kenyan government to embrace technology and take most government services online, renewing a driving license has been made easier. 

However, it is important for you to stay updated on some recent changes that have occurred, and which will affect how you renew your license.

  1. The digital driving licenses

Since 2018, NTSA has been issuing new digital licenses that store your vital information on a computer chip found on the license. 

Some of the information it will contain includes your KRA PIN, your national ID Number, and your Blood Group- in case you require you to receive a blood transfusion.

The digital driving license is also loaded with points that will be deducted in case you commit a traffic offence while on the road. Which is in itself, a potential way to reduce traffic offenses and make roads safer.

2. The old generation driving licenses

At the moment, the old generation driving licenses are given a validity period of 1 year upon renewal, whilst the new generation licenses are having a validity period of 3 years. This is due to the phasing out of the old generation licenses (booklets).

It’s advised that if you are a holder of the old generation license, you make plans to make the shift to the new generation licenses by applying for them through the NTSA NITS platform or via your e-citizen platform. 

Current Costs of Renewing Your Driving License Online in Kenya

Here are the current costs of renewing your driving license;

For a 3- year license renewal, you’ll pay Ksh. 1400

For a 1-year license renewal, you’ll pay Ksh. 600

In both cases, you will be charged an additional transaction fee of Ksh.50, especially when renewing on your eCitizen platform as shown in the guide below.

Renewing Your Driving License Online In Kenya- A Step by Step Guide

  1. Head over to https://www.ecitizen.go.ke/
  2. Log onto your e-citizen account, and if you don’t have one, register then log-in
  3. Click on the “Get service” button on the “National Transport and Safety Authority” tab
  4. Select “Make Application”
  5. Click on “Driving Licenses”
  6. Pick the “One Year Driving License Renewal” option

Why a “One Year Driving License Renewal”prompt instead of the traditional “Three Year Driving License Renewal” prompt?

The NTSA has migrated from the old licenses to the new digital licenses. With this law being passed, if you are a holder of an old driving license, you’ll have to register for a new license within the year. With an initial cost of Ksh. 3050. 

7. Review your details

8. Choose your payment method

*notice that there is an additional transactional fee of Ksh.50

9. Confirm payment

10. Print out the license and stick it on your Driving License Book

This step is mandatory, especially for owners of older licenses. The driving license document is automatically generated once your payment is completed and is immediately valid for use. 

Interested in Registering for a Digital Driving License?

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit any NTSA offices near you
  2. Apply via the NTSA TIMS portal
  3. Apply via eCitizen