How to Reset Your Kra Pin Password

How to Reset Your Kra Pin Password

kra pin password recovery

Procedure for Resetting Your Kra Pin Password

Most often people forget their login passwords. They justify the forgetfulness by saying they have many things to keep in mind. Well, do not worry as most passwords are resettable. One of the main reasons people forget their passwords is not logging in to that specific website often. It is possible to reset your KRA pin password. Follow these simple steps on how to reset your KRA pin password.

In case you have not updated your KRA pin to iTax, then you need to check this article on how to Update a Kra Pin to Itax.


What You Need in Order to Reset Your Kra Pin Password

  1. The email you used when registering or creating the pin.
  2. Access to the said email.
  3. The KRA pin number.
KRA Pin Password Reset

You must be remembering the email you used when creating your pin, or simply the email registered to your KRA pin portal. If you have a print out of the certificate, it has the email that was used when registering. You should be able to access your email since the reset credentials will be sent to that email.

Procedure for Resetting Your Kra Pin Password

  1. Access the KRA pin portal (
  2.  Where it is written “Enter PIN/User ID” key in your KRA pin and click continue.
  3. A box for entering your password appears. You will not use this since you do not have a password. Further down below the security stamp, locate the option “Forgot Password/Unlock Account” and click on it.
  4. A new window appears with your pin and security stamp. Perform the simple math and enter the solution in the provided box.  If you want different math (captcha), you can refresh by clicking on the two provided arrows.
  5. Click on submit and you will get a confirmation message that your reset credentials have been sent to your email. Click on the back button.
  6. Open your email (you can add another tab) and check for an email from admin.itax2. It will have a message, “Your KRA Web Portal account password has been reset. Your login id and new password are:”
  7. Go back to iTax portal and enter your pin and the provided password which has to be typed as it is.
  8. A new window opens where you enter the old pin. This is the reset password mailed to you. Type it and enter a new password that you will be using. Type the new password twice.
  9. Choose a security question and provide your answer. You will not require it after this.
  10. Accept the policy and policy guidelines and then click submit.
  11. Your iTax portal opens automatically, and in case it takes you to log in window, just log in with the password you have created.
Forgot Password

What If I Can’t Access My Email?

There are instances where you cannot access your email, or you do not know the email that was used. The best solution is to create a new email if you do not have a working one. Then go to the nearest tax station or Huduma center. The assisting person will access you portal and change the existing email to the one you want. Then a reset email will be sent to your working email or the email you will provide.

Log into Your Portal

What If I Do Not Know My Pin Number?

The same case happens to persons who have forgotten their KRA pin. You have to go to your nearest tax station or visit any Huduma center and remember to carry your original identification document. Using your identification number, the assistant will be able to access your pin. Update the pin on iTax if it is not. If updated and you do not have access to the email used, you should provide one that you can be able to access.

Another option is to scan a copy of your colored National ID – both sides and send it via email to KRA email address with the subject KRA pin. Draft a short message informing them you are requesting for your forgotten pin.

You can also make us of the KRA social media handles Facebook or Twitter. Send a scan copy of your ID and here you are more likely to receive a faster response than from email.

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