How to retrieve kra pin using id number online

How to retrieve kra pin using email

How to get kra pin via sms

Easily retrieve your forgotten iTax password

KRA pin is crucial to any business and taxpayer especially when seeking refunds or filing tax returns. It can be a frustrating experience not being able to retrieve your KRA pin in time. Here is how to go about it if you can’t remember your KRA pin.

What do I do if I Lost my KRA pin

Social media

Social media has offered a quicker solution to taxpayers since they can easily confirm their PIN details by just presenting their original ID card and other registration details. The official Twitter or Facebook handle for the taxman has a relatively quick response time for inquiries and chances are you will be furnished with your PIN immediately.

Visiting the Office physically

Going to the office of KRA can save you the pain of a lost KRA PIN certificate or number. You can enquire if they can remind you of your lost KRA pin. You can then successfully log in and reprint another PIN certificate for your use.

 Emailing call center

You can email the with a copy of your original ID so that they can recover your PIN for you. While this may not be expeditious like the other methods, it surely does well.

Normally when registering and getting your PIN number an email is normally sent complete with all your details containing your user name, PIN and password. It, therefore, follows that recovering your KRA pin can be as easy as a quick keyword entry on your registration email search tab. From the search results, you can get a soft copy of your KRA PIN number download.

These are some of the options you can use to recover your KRA pin.