How to retrieve your KRA iTax email address.

At the time of opening your KRA itax account, you might not have saved your email and password making it hard for you to access your KRA iTAX account.

However, it is not a hard task to get back on track and file your returns. You can easily retrieve back your email address within two days by considering the following steps.

With less than two weeks to the deadline for filing returns, here’s the guide to retrieving your KRA iTax email address;

· Have a scanned document of your original ID.

· Log in to your current email if you have. If you don’t have one you can sign up for it.

· Upon log in to your email, click compose in order to send an email to KRA email

· Make the subject of your email be “CHANGE EMAIL”

· Then write to them informing them you want to change your email to your current email to email that you want. Ensure you indicate your KRA pin number on the message.

· Attach your scanned copy of your original ID to the message then send

· Keep checking your email to confirm whether an email has been sent or not. It can take a day or half.

· The response from KRA will provide you with a password and security question which will enable you to access your account.

· Once the KRA responds get back to your website and you’re the information to log in to