How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online on NTSA TIMS

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership Online on NTSA TIMS

How to register in TIMS
How to Transfer your Vehicle in TIMS
What is TIMS?
  • It has become increasingly obvious that all government services will soon move on to digital platforms, enabling citizens to access services from their homes and business premises.

    According to Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Joe Mucheru, there are already 200 government services that can be accessed online.

    One such platform offering online services is TIMS which was launched by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

    What is TIMS?

    The Transport Integrated Management Systems (TIMS) is a platform that offers several services including convenient transfer of ownership of their vehicle.

    What’s more, individuals, dealers, financial institutions or companies are all eligible to use the TIMS whose other services include;

    1. Car Registration

    2. Transfer of car ownership

    3. Change of particulars

    4. Duplicate Logbook application

    5. Reflective Number Plate application

    6. Vehicle inspection

    7. Online car search using either the registration number or the chassis number

    How to register in TIMS

    To access services available on this platform, you need to create a personal account. To register;

    1. Open the NTSA web portal using this link

    2. Both buyer and seller are required to register an account in order to transfer a motor vehicle.

    3. Click on Register an account to input your details and follow the process to complete registration.

    4. Make sure you click on Subscribe SMS at the top right-hand side of your screen to receive a security code and other notifications involved in the transfer of motor vehicle process.

    5. After you have registered, use the link provided above to see the login interface.

    6. Click on the Login Method to choose whether to use ID number for individuals and Username or Certificate of Incorporation for companies, followed by your password.

    7. Key in the pop-up Security Code sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

    8. Finally, click on the Sign In button to log into the system

    How to Transfer your Vehicle in TIMS

    One of the most important services provided here is the transfer of ownership which would normally take a long process and time to complete.

    1. For you to access the transfer menu, you need to click on the Vehicle Registration button.

    2. Then proceed to apply for transfer of ownership.

    3. Next, you need to click on Create New button and type the registration number of the
    vehicle you want to transfer.

    4. Click on the Inquire button.

    5. Note that this page should show you the basic information of the vehicle to be transferred including the original owner.

    6. Click view to see particulars of the vehicle and Upload a scanned copy of the logbook.

    7. Under New Vehicle Owners, the seller should select Individual/Non-Individual/Financier then, enter buyer’s details.

    8. For Individuals, you should enter the National ID/Alien ID and PIN; and for Company/Financial Institutions, enter PIN and click on the Add button.

    9. Proceed to Security Verification, select Mobile and click send verification code

    11. Enter the verification code sent to your Mobile number, click on Disclaimer and Submit.

    Once the seller submits the details, the buyer should receive an SMS notification, indicating that a vehicle has been transferred to them.

    The buyer is then required to accept or decline the ownership for the whole process to be complete.

    How to Accept/Decline ownership of vehicle by buyer in TIMS

    To accept or decline the transfer, the buyer needs to log in to the web portal

    1. Once logged in, you should click on Accept Ownership, key in the Registration Number and Click on Inquire.

    2. Click on View to see particulars of the vehicle.

    3. Under Security Verification, select the Verification Mode (mobile) and click on Send Verification Code.

    4. The system will automatically send a verification code to the buyer’s mobile phone. Fill in the code and click Accept or Decline on the transfer.

    Once you select Decline, the vehicle will revert back to the seller. On the other hand, if you Accept, you are required to fill out all the relevant information required.

    5. Finally, click Submit for the application to be forwarded to NTSA for processing and issuance of logbook within seven working days.

    You should, however, note that the buyer and seller must have an account on TIMS. Similarly, both should also subscribe on mobile in order to receive an SMS Code.

    In addition, those with an eCitizen account can use their usernames and passwords to log on to TIMS and to update accordingly. Enquiries can be sent through the free NTSA App which is available on google play store.

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