How to Update Your KRA PIN to iTax

How to Update Your KRA PIN to iTax

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It has become mandatory for Kenyans with an old ITMS Personal Identification Number (PIN) to update to iTax. The Kenya Revenue Authority recently upgraded the tax collection and management system from Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) to the new iTax System. Even those applying for a new PIN must apply for a KRA PIN using the iTax option. All previous PINs issued manually or through the ITMS system must be updated and registered into the new system.
iTAX PIN update
iTAX PIN update | Source

How to Update Your KRA PIN to iTax

  • The first thing to do is access the iTax portal. This will send you to the iTax online services page.
  • Enter your PIN number and click on “Continue.” Note that if you have never applied for a PIN, you should apply for a KRA PIN. If you have already updated your PIN to iTax, you need to reset your KRA PIN Password.
  • You will get a message: “You have not updated your details in iTax. Click here to update.”
  • A new page will appear where you will select taxpayer type and citizenship. Taxpayer type is either individual or non-individual (for a company, NGOs, and others).
  • Fill in your national identification number, date of birth and security stamp. Click on “submit.” Confirm you want to submit the data.
  • The iPage update page will open and most of your details will be auto-populated.
  • Check that all the information is okay in all tabs. You can update any information you want such as the address and contact details. Ensure the email provided is the right one because your updated PIN will be sent to it. The income tax will be automatically set to what you had previously chosen, and you cannot change it unless you visit any KRA office.

Email Verification Using the OTP

When it comes to entering the email address, make sure that the email has not been used by anyone else. Make sure that you can access it at the moment because an email verification code (“One Time Password”) will be sent to it. Enter the email you want to use and click on the button labeled “Send OTP.” Open and check your email for an email from KRA with the message OTP For Email Verification: 2170Enter the code you received and then proceed, filling the form to the end.

Selecting Citizenship From the List Given

Choices for Citizenship
Choices for Citizenship | Source
KRA PIN e-registration:  Kenyan Resident
KRA PIN e-registration: Kenyan Resident | Source

If ‘Kenyan’ is selected, you will see the screen below:

1. Enter National Id Number in the field given.

2. Enter Date of Birth in the field given.

3. Enter the results of the arithmetic expression in Security Stamp.

4. Click Submit to proceed with iPage.

5. Click Back to go to the Login page.

If ‘Non-Kenyan Resident’ is selected:

1. Enter Alien Identity Number in the field given.

2. Enter the result of the arithmetic expression in Security Stamp.

3. Click Submit to proceed with iPage.

4. Click Back to go to the Login page.

If ‘Non-Kenyan Non-Resident’ is selected:

1. Enter Passport Number in the field given.

2. Enter the result of the arithmetic expression in Security Stamp.

3. Click Submit to proceed with iPage.

4. Click Back to go to the Login page.

Note About Source of Income

Select your source of income.

  • If employed, select “employment income” and remember to file PAYE each month.
  • If running a business, then select “business income” and proceed to add it to your ledger.
  • The last option is for those who are landlords.

Select your option and proceed.

If you are not employed, running a business, or acting as a landlord, check all the boxes with NO.

Submitting Your PIN

Perform the arithmetic operation at the bottom and then click “submit.”

There will be a pop up asking if that is the email you want to use the PIN you have applied. If you are okay with that and click okay, the form will be submitted. You will get a PIN immediately on your iTax page. Download it and print. Another copy of your PIN will be sent to your email.

You can leave things as they are, but if you do you will be missing one crucial final stage: creating your iTax login password.

Creating Your iTax Login Password

Log in to your email and you will find your PIN and password that have been generated by iTax. Open iTax portal again and input your PIN, password, and arithmetic calculation. In some areas copy-and-paste is disabled so you will have to rely on manual entry. A new page will appear that will let you change your password as well as create a security question. Make sure you do not forget your password.

If you have more questions, you can visit the KRA’s Facebook page and ask your question there.

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