NTSA TIMS account Registration Online Today

NTSA TIMS account Registration Online Today

Register for NTSA TIMS account Today

NTSA TIMS account Registration Online

How to register for NTSA TIMS account- step by step guide

  1. Open the TIMS website and go to the Login section. Hit the ‘Register’ option to be redirected to the registration page

  2. Subscribe to the NTSA SMS service (22847) at the top right side of the page

  3. Select category under which you’re registering your account 

  4. If you’re registering an account for a financial institution company or school, you’ll be required to provide your KRA pin while your National ID serial number will be required for individual account registration.  

  5. Go to the Information section by clicking the ‘Verify’ button 

  6. After doing the verification for your individual account, some of your data will be auto-filled in the next step. All you’ll have to fill in your KRA pin, your Mother’s family name, profession, and your mobile phone number

  7. Click the ‘send authorization code’ option to receive the code on your mobile 

  8. Enter the received code on the space provided then click ‘verify’ 

  9. On this step, some fields will pop up for filling. Fill the required sections then verify your account to complete your submission

  10. After completing your sign-up, NTSA will send you your password on your appropriate cellphone number. Use the password to login to your TIMS account anytime, anywhere. 

Now that you have your account ready, go back to the TIMS portal homepage to login and access your account. Use your username i.e. National ID and your password to gain access to your account. However, remember to always have your cellphone at hand when you login into your TIMS account. 

This is because you’ll have to use the verification code sent to your phone every time an attempt to access your account is made. You can easily change your TIMS password on the TIMS portal by going to your profile settings at the top right side of your homepage and selecting the option.  

How to retrieve your TIMS account 

Forgot your TIMS password? Don’t be bothered because you can easily reset your password on the TIMS portal. Losing your password can mean denial of access to the NTSA services online until you recover your TIMS account. This can lead you to incurring NTSA fines and unnecessary fees that you can avoid easily using the below procedure: 

  1.  Open the TIMS portal homepage and go to the ‘Forgot password’ option at the bottom of the login page. 
  2. On the code recovery portal, fill in your ID/username and select your account’s category.  
  3. Click on ‘get verification code’ to receive the code to your phone through SMS.  
  4. Enter the verification code 
  5. Select your set security question as well as its correct answer and submit to go to the next step 
  6. Choose and create the new password your want and fill it in the next section for confirmation. 
  7. Click the ‘Submit button’ to complete your account retrieval. 

With the provided guidelines above, you’ll be able to master how you can register for the NTSA TIMS account- step by step and how to recover your NTSA TIMS account as well. Feel free to come back to this article anytime you feel like you need a source of reference. 

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