NTSA TIMS Registration Process and Services online today

NTSA TIMS Registration Process and Services online today

If you want to enjoy all the NTSA services, here’s the deal. The NTSA services have been rolled into a portal called TIMS.

You will not be able to register your new car or switch its ownership without an account with TIMS. This is the status quo and it doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon or later.

The country is walking on the IT path. There’s no turning back.

So, join the pack and be safe. In this guide, the NTSA TIMS registration procedure is uncovered in the simplest language.

I will help you to learn how to create your own account. Just become patient and by the time we hit the tip of the post, you’ll be scouring the NTSA TIMS portal for a service.

Because you will have created an account.

What is TIMS?

TIMS or the Transport Integrated Management Systems in full is an NTSA online platform where motor vehicles can be registered and transferred between owners. This is not an entirely new platform – it had been available before – being used by only car dealers.

The online platform serves individuals, dealers, institutions, and corporates among others. NTSA TIMS offers a number of crucial services apart from its mandate.

NTSA TIMS Services

You can also gain access to the following services on TIMS:

  • Car registration
  • Transfer of car ownership
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Online car search
  • Change of particulars
  • Duplicate logbook application
  • Reflective number plate application

Why You Need to Have an NTSA TIMS Account.

It is in the public domain that many Kenyans were relieved by this service. For honest, hardworking Kenyans, I say.

To conmen and opportunists, this was bad news. Because the system is not only interested in the ID card number but also the serial number of your ID – things can only fall apart for cheats.

So, in terms of security and safety, this platform cuts the edge.

The TIMS portal also improves the overall daily life experiences of the mwananchi. With no more queues in rush offices, people can breathe.

You don’t need to be frustrated with a glare in an empty office. And start reorganizing the next day visit.

Why? Everything can now be done right in your office, business premise or in the comfort of your bed!

No more time-wasting. Which means that the platform will literally save tons of energy and money.

Then the question of transparency. Previous registration and transfer of ownership processes were marred with conmanship and unfairness.

NTSA TIMS Account Registration.

Create a personal TIMS account in the following easy steps:

  • Go to the NTSA website portal. You may use this link here
  • Click on the “Register an account” section found at the top right corner. This section is used by individuals who are coming to the TIMS website for the very first time.
  • There are different options represented here: individuals, dealers, agents, Financial institutions and companies. Select the individual category.
  • Input the serial number of your ID. Please, note that this is not your ID number!
  • Then, add your PIN number
  • Add your mother’s maiden name
  • Add your profession and your phone number
  • Get a verification code by clicking on the section next to the phone number
  • Enter the code you receive in the verification tab to finish the process of verification
  • You have successfully completed creating an account with TIMS portal.
  • You can now return to the homepage and sign in to your account to start transacting.

NTSA Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership.

Transfer of the motor vehicles ownership is one of the most important services transacted on TIMS Kenya. Here are simple steps you need to follow to complete the process:

  • While on the website portal, click on the Vehicle Registration button. Followed by Apply for Transfer of Ownership – you will be directed to the Transfer Menu.
  • Click on the Create New button and key in the registration number of the vehicle you want to transfer.
  • Then click view to see the particulars of the vehicle. After which you upload a scanned copy of the logbook.
  • Under New Vehicle Owners, the owner should select Individual/Non-Individual/Financier and then enter the Buyer’s details.
  • For the Individuals Category, enter the National ID/Alien ID and Pin. For the Company and Finance Institution, you should enter the Pin – then click on the Add button.
  • The next step is a Security Verification where you need to select the mobile phone and click Send Verification Code.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your phone. Then click on the Disclaimer and Submit

When a seller submits this information, an SMS notification is sent to the buyer. The buyer should accept vehicle transfer.

What this basically means is that the buyer or the person you transferred the vehicle to similarly needs to log into the NTSA self-service portal. The person either accepts or declines the transfer.

This completes the process.

Here’s How to Accept or Decline the Ownership of Vehicle by Buyer in TIMS.

  • Login to the NTSA TIMS website.
  • You will need to click on the Accept Ownership. Enter the registration number of the vehicle. Then, click on the Inquire.

Tap the View button in order to see the particulars or details of the vehicle

  • Under the Security Verification, Select the Verification Mode as Mobile. Then, click on the Send button to send the verification code.
  • A verification code will be sent automatically to the buyer’s mobile phone. Enter the code and click Accept or Decline on the transfer.
  • Accepting the transfer means that you have to fill all the details as needed. Once you are done, hit the Submit button for the information to be sent to NTSA.

NTSA is going to process for the issuance of a logbook within the next seven working days

  • Tapping Decline, the vehicle reverts back to the initial seller.

Both the buyer and the seller should receive an SMS code. Otherwise, this transaction will not be complete.

Look at the following table for the transfer fees with different vehicles:

0 – 1000cc 2160.00
1001 – 1200cc 2390.00
1201 – 1500cc 2565.00
1501 – 1700cc 2910.00
1701 – 2000cc 3195.00
2001 – 2500cc 4345.00
2501 – 3000cc 5555.00
3001cc – and above 6415.00
Trailer less than four wheels 1530.00
A trailer with four wheels or more 2390.00
Tractor 1530.00
Motor Cycle / Three Wheeler 1530.00
Discharge 1125.00
Discharge and Transfer of Ownership 625.00

Table: Courtesy of Urban Kenyans.com

How to Change NTSA TIMS Account Password.

It is important that you create a new password and abandon the initial one you use to create the TIMS NTSA account. The process is pretty straightforward:

  • Click on your name at the top of the screen
  • Click on the left of the window where there is Modify Password
  • Hit the button, Request for Verification message. Key in the code sent on the phone, then click on Submit.
  • Enter a new password for the account. You should choose a password that will be easy for you to understand – you don’t keep forgetting and renewing passwords after a short while.

The TIMS NTSA is open to citizens, company, financial institution, dealer, agent, SACCO, alien, driving school, diplomatic mission, diplomatic officer.

Some Challenges of TIMS.

The TIMS system comes with its fair share of flaws. Right from its implementation – the government has found a bit of problem in financing the management and capacity building.

Another point of discontent with TIMS is how document validation is done. There are no adequate gadgets and tools to help spot and pick out fake documentations.

As long as this hasn’t been handled properly, some determined crooks will always go ahead in thinking. They keep improving tactics and adapt to the changes on board.

NTSA Customer Care Contacts.

If you have any further questions regarding TIMS account login, you can reach the following NTSA contacts for help:

Hill Park Building; Upper Hill

Nairobi Kenya

PO Box 3602-00506, Nairobi

Mobile Phone: 0709 932 000/020 6632 000

Call Center: 0709 932 300/020 6632 300

Email Address:

Official: info@ntsa.go.ke

Complains: complaints@ntsa.go.ke

Report corruption on: integrity@ntsa.go.ke

NTSA e-citizen: 0709 932 300/020 6632 300

NTSA has offices spread across the country that you can always visit when things call for one/one situations.

In Conclusion

The NTSA TIMS registration is not a difficult process as you have seen. Once you have your own account with TIMS portal, you shouldn’t be on the receiving end of conmen deals.

The portal comes with all key services locked in one place. That’s whether you want to register your new car, change ownership, search a vehicle online, get a duplicate logbook application among other things.

The TIMS NTSA obviously makes your life easier. You will not have to visit different offices to be served.

As you long as you have a computer with internet, everything happens wherever you are. With that said, the government continues to transfer service provision to online platforms, and things can only get juicer.

Hopefully, you will be able to get through the process successfully.

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