Resetting iTax Password when Email Address is Inaccessible

How to Check KRA Pin Using ID Number

How to Retrieve Forgotten, Misplaced KRA Pin

How do I get my KRA password if I have forgotten

Resetting iTax Password when Email Address is Inaccessible

Your KRA pin is important especially if you want to carry out certain transactions.

It can be frustrating if you don’t know your Pin and need to complete a crucial transaction. Fortunately it is possible for you to retrieve your KRA pin number as long as you have your ID with you. This has made it easier for Kenyans all over the country.

There are different methods to get your PIN with an ID card only. Here are some of the best techniques that have helped Kenyans for so long. It is important to understand how to get KRA pin using id number.

KRA Itax pin checker

Every time you have to conduct a KRA pin search chances are that you are troubled. One of the most common search results is forgot my KRA password or KRA pin checker. There is always someone looking for a way to access their pin without having to go back to the house or office to retrieve the document. Some applications requiring the Pin could be time sensitive and as such may require you to speedily fill in the right forms.

How to check my KRA pin using ID number

Fortunately for people that need t access their Pins in such situations there is a quick solution to your dilemma. All you need is to have an ID with you. First you take advantage of social media pages. Scan your ID and post the scanned copy on KRA’S official page and request for your Pin number.
You need to inform them that you forgot your password and as such are unable to access it directly from their portal. Alternatively you can tweet the scanned KRA pin copy to their twitter handle. The KRA media team will reply to your posts in less than an hour’s time.

If social media is not your thing then consider sending the scanned ID copy to their official email address which is The last method would be visiting the KRA offices with your ID and request for assistance on the same.

However, experience has proven that the method of asking for assistance via social media sites is the most effective as late response is guaranteed. Email I the poorest as they almost always never reply to emails. If you have your login details then you can access your PIN on the portal directly.

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