4 Simple Methods of Recovering a lost KRA pin number

4 Simple Methods of Recovering a lost KRA pin number

Here is what to do if you lost KRA pin number:

Option 1: Use your ID to recover your lost KRA pin

KRA runs a free kra pin checker service and which requires that you have your national id card.

I know now you are wondering how to check my kra pin using id number.

Simply this:

Scan your original ID (from a cyber or office) and send an email saying you can’t recall you pin and that you need them to send it to your email to callcenter@kra.go.ke. Kra guys will respond within a few hours and voila, you will have your long lost kra pin back.

Call them if they delay.

Here are the official kra itax contacts:

Option 2: Contact KRA on social mediaStill on the question of I forgot my kra password, you can instead get in touch with KRA via their very active social media handles.

Go to kra itax customer care kra facebook page or kra twitter handle and again, scan and send your ID to their inbox requesting them to send your pin via facebook/twitter.

Option 3: Seek Help from the Nearest Huduma Centre

This is another very easy way: just walk into any huduma centre and ask the staff “how do i recover the kra pin number”

The kra huduma guys will ask for your original id then search their kra pin numbers list for your pin.  You will have your kra pin within minutes.

Option 4: Visit KRA Offices

Kra has offices scatted all over the country. You can again visit any of them, go to the reception desk and tell the staff you find “i lost my kra pin what do i do”.

As usual, carry your id since they will need it to verify your identity.

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