Steps for getting driving licence in Kenya 2022

 Steps for getting driving licence in Kenya 2022

Driver licensing in the republic of Kenya is managed by the National Transport and Safety Authority, a government agency which was established by the act of the government in 2012 with the objective of coordinating and harmonizing all road and transport to promote and safeguard public safety and modernize services and transport facilities.

Age Requirement: In Kenya the process of obtaining a driving license starts with meeting age requirements. One becomes eligible of obtaining a driver’s license upon attaining the age of 18 years for motor vehicle licence, and  attaining the age of 16 years or above for motorcycle licence. 

                 Steps for getting driving licence in Kenya()

Attending Driving School: Upon meeting the age requirement one is then able to go to a driving school, after which you will receive a certificate of competence or CoC. The National Transport and Safety Authority has a list of Driving Schools in the country, it is our recommendation at that one insures that is going to a recognized school by checking NTSA website and validating the school. This is very important as the school will have to enter the student’s record in the NTSA system, failure to go to a recognized school will result in not being able to take the driving test.

Provisional Driver License:The next step after completing driving school, the student is then able to enrol for a driving test at one of the national test centers spread across the country. However, before enrolling for the exam, one has an option to apply for a provisional driving license which will allow the students to practice driving when accompanied with a qualified driving instructor. 

The process of applying for a provisional driving license takes place online on the e-citizen portal. You will need to use your national ID or email address along with your password to login. you should have by now create an account, but even if you don’t have an account, no worries, you can create an account by this time. you will then be asked to provide the following information: The Driving School where you attended theory course, your instructors NTSA Number, the Driving Licence Category you are looking at applying for as well as your address. You will pay the applicable fee and after submitting and paying the fee, you will be able to print your provisional license. The provisional license lasts for three months and can be renewed upon expiration by paying the applicable fee.

A provisional License is however not a requirement, though recommended, it is a step that allows you to safely practice driving and allows you to take the driving exam confidently with less risk to other drivers on the roadways.

You have CoC for completing road safety theory courses. You have a provisional driving license and are ready to take the driving test, then what? You are ready to take the driving test, but 

Book a Driving Test: After finishing a driving school, one can book a driving test with NTSA. Driving tests are administered across the country through different testing units. The tests are typically practical in nature ensuring that the student is safe and can operate the vehicle on public roadways without endangering other drivers and cause havoc and accidents. The test typically evaluates knowledge and skills of the drivers on the rules of the road;road signals and road signs, Highway Code; and

Physical fitness to drive a motor vehicle or motorcycle depending on the class of the driver’s license that is sought after.

Upon passing the test one will be issued a Certificate of Competence for passing the driving test. The Certificate of Competence is valid for three months after which the driver may have to retake the test. After three months the licensing authority will at his/her discretion decide whether to retake the test or approve moving forward with a driving license application. We recommend to apply for a driver’s license as soon as the driving test is passed in order to avoid crossing the three months.

Application for a driver’s license: One is eligible of applying for a driver’s license upon passing the driving test. The entire process is completed online through the e-citizen portal. One will login using an email address or a national ID and a password. Go to the NTSA space and apply for a driving license. Beside paying of required fees you will be required to provide information regarding your driving test, nearly identical process that was followed when booking a driving test, with addition to the test booking test and booking number. 

Interim Driver License, then Final Driver’s License: Upon submitting the application and paying the fees you will be able to print an interim driver’s license that is valid for three month where by your actual driver license will be issued within 14 working days. You will be sent instructions on how to collect your license via email and test, while you will be required to verify your identity to pick it up.

In Kenya the Driver’s License is valid for either one year or three years. While applying for a driver’s license for the first time or renewing, you will have an option to choose either one year or three year valid. The difference being the cost. For the purpose of correctness eDrivingSchool would recommend checking NTSA website for the most recent fees structures.

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