How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate online. 

In Kenya, having certain documents determine whether you’ll get a job or not; especially government jobs. These documents include, Clearance certificate from the Credit Reference Bureau, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission certificate, a tax compliance certificate from KRA and in some, a police clearance certificate.

Applying for these certificates was hectic in the past, due to the long queues you’d have to endure to secure one. The good news is; you can now apply for these certificates from the comfort of your location as long as you can access the internet. 

Today, we are going to look at how you can apply for a Police clearance certificate online. Here are the steps;

1. Log onto your E-citizen account. You’ll have to create an account if you don’t have one. Once on the dashboard, click on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations menu.










2. Click on the ‘make application’ button.


3. Select the Police Clearance Certificate Application (Adult).


4. Scroll down and read the instructions displayed then click on the ‘apply now’ button. 

5. Fill out the required details. The area you select is the location you’ll have your finger prints taken. 

6. You’ll be able to view your application details as shown below. Click on submit once you’ve verified the details.


7. Select your preferred method of payment.


8. Once you’ve made your payment and received confirmation of the same on your mobile, click on the ‘complete’ button to complete your application.


9. Download the C24 form and 2 copies of payment receipt that you’ll present when you have your finger prints taken.