Tough NTSA rules every motorist should know about Today

Tough NTSA rules every motorist should know about in Kenya Today

Tough NTSA rules every motorist should know about Now

List of new tough NTSA rules every motorist should know about

The National Transport and Safety Authority has issued tough rules on the motor vehicle inspection regulations in an effort to tame perennial road carnage.

This comes hours after the NTSA revoked licenses for 51 driving schools.

Here is a list of the new guidelines every motorist should be aware of;

1. All private cars that are more than four years will have to undergo inspection test after every two years.

2. All driving school vehicles, commercial vehicles, school buses and public service vehicles shall undergo a pre-registration inspection and an annual periodic vehicle inspection thereafter.

3. All vehicles that have been involved in accidents maybe subject to motor vehicle inspection.

4. All salvage vehicles shall undergo a salvage motor vehicle inspection after the necessary repairs and upgrade are carried out and an annual periodic inspection thereafter.

5. Any vehicle that has undergone changes in the length, height, width, maximum payload, vehicle color, engine swap, and other major structural or mechanical changes shall be subject to a modification inspection.

In addition to the rules, NTSA also added that anyone who has an interest in becoming a vehicle inspector will have to make an application to them. He/she will only be approved if they meet all the requirements that have been set out in the regulation.

The document also read that- “A privately-owned vehicle inspection center licence shall only authorize use as the inspection center the premises named therein. No other premises shall be considered to be so authorized by such a licence.”

In case the vehicle being inspected does not meet the standards outlined in the regulations, no inspection certificate will be issued to the owner of the car.

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