What is eCitizen?

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eCitizen is an official digital platform which enables Kenyan citizens,residents and visitors to access government services online.The applications are made online by filling an application form in PDF format.Notifications on the applications are sent via email and SMS.eCitizen has a variety of payment options which includes mobile money,debit card and eCitizen agents.One can get services in and around business, marriages, driving, lands immigration and civil registration services offered by their respective government departments

For instance,through the Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice one can get services involving getting married or entering a civil partnerships in Kenya.Business name search and registration services are also offered.This is possible through,eBusiness,a portal of eCitizen which enables individuals owning business to access Government to Business service online.The services include application of business licenses,permits and business registration.

To add on that one can apply for a provisional driving license,book in driving test,get a driving license,pay fees and track the application through the NTSA(National Transport and Safety Authority ) in eCitizen.

Thirdly,The Department of Immigration Services offers services such as application of passports and application of a work permit.In eVisa,another portal of eCitizen one can apply for a visa.

Lastly,The Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development offers services such as searching for a title deed,land rent clearance demand notice and payments all through eCitizen.

In conclusion eCitizen is a platform designed to cater majorly for the citizen.It improves the speed in which the government serves its citizens thus making service rendering convenient.All that is required is a single account in eCitizen and you will get access to everything.For more information go to www.ecitizen.go.ke

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