CRB Status in Kenya and Get Clearance report Online

Free Checking of CRB Status in Kenya, Get Clearance report Online

A guide on how to check CRB status in Kenya for free, how to get a CRB Report online, CRB Clearance procedure if you defaulted and contacts for metropol and trans union.

Being listed as loan defaulter by CRB  in Kenya

Whenever you borrow money from any financial institution or credit advancing facilities it is always advisable to ensure that you repay your loan on time no matter how small the amount. The Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is a platform that enables employers and loan or credit providers to check your status payment status i.e. whether you are a defaulter of if you pay your dues. Failure to pay loans borrowed from lenders like M-Shwari may affect you in future since once you get blacklisted by the CRB, you will be barred from processing any bank loans in future unless you pay your loan.

How to Check CRB Status Online

The first thing that you should do when checking your CRB status is to make sure that you are registered by either all or one of the three companies accredited by the Central Bank of Kenya that is TransUnion CreditInfo and Metropol. It is however important to ensure that you are registered with all the companies because a lender may at times send your report to all the three companies.  Many employers and money lending institutions require a clearance certificate from CRB which is obtained after clearing with these three CRB credited companies.

How to Check CRB status via Mobile App with TransUnion

I consider this the easiest, fastest ans best approach;

  1. Download TransUnion Nipashe app from Google Play store (For Android Users)
  2. Enter your ID number, Mobile Phone Number and names
  3. Check Status
  4. If GOOD! Message appears as shown in image the below then you are fine
Check CRB status in Kenya for free with TransUnion App/Photo

NOTE: This process is absolutely free. If you need any further information than that then you need to pay kes 650. Getting a clearance certificate with Transunion will cost you Ksh. 2200.

To do this, you first have to visit the company’s website and register. The CRB certificate can be obtained later by sending the M-Pesa transaction text message to this mail

 Checking CRB status via SMS with TransUnion 

  • Send your names to 21272
  • Then, Enter your  National ID number
  • Choose CC (meaning Credit Status)
  • You will then Receive your CRB status. Good will mean you are not while default will mean you are blacklisted

 TransUnion Contacts

  • Office Location: Prosperity House, Westlands Rd, Off Museum Hill in Westlands, Nairobi.
  • Mobile Phone Number:  +254 20 3751799 or 0730651000
  • Email:
  • Official websiteTransUnion Nipashe

Get CRB Status in Kenya with Metropol

To Register with Metropol,

  • You will need to pay Ksh. 50 as registration fees through their Paybill number 220388 and use your national ID number as the account number.
  • You will then receive an SMS with your unique PIN details, a Reference Number and a special Link

You will then proceed to get several services that are offered by the company charged at a fee for instance credit Score at kes150, Credit Report at kes250 and the Clearance Certificate at kes2200. Metropol services can also be obtained through their website, dialing*433# and through the Metropol crystobol app.

Metropol sample CRB Clearance certificate/Photo

Metropol CRB Contacts

  • Office Location: 9th Floor, Barclays Plaza, Loita street, Nairobi  (Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited)
  • Phone Number:  +254709834000
  • Official website

How to Check CRB Status through SMS Code 433

This is the best and easiest way of checking your CRB status because you don’t have to download any app. It laso recommended by Huduma Kenya. However, this method is not free. It will cost you ksh. 100. Below is the procedure;

  1. Dial *433#
  2. Enter you ID number (that you used to register the phone number/mpesa)
  3. Use agent Code: 222000
  4. Confirm Details
  5. Pay to Complete Registration
  6. To Pay, Go to Mpesa and Select Lipa na Mpesa Menu, then Paybill
  7. Business Number Enter: 220388
  8. Account Number: Enter your ID
  9. Enter ksh. 100
  10. The send

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