Procedure for Getting Credit Certificate of Clearance

Procedure for Getting Credit Certificate of Clearance

Dial *433#

Crystobol is USSD based service. Ensure that you have a registered Safaricom line.

Enter your National ID number

Ensure that you use the same ID number that you registered with on M-Pesa.

Enter Agent Number

Enter the Agent Number 024677(Note it down)

Confirm Your Details

Confirm the details you supplied in order to complete the registration session.

Pay to complete Registration

To complete your registration, go to the M-Pesa menu, select Lipa na M-Pesa then select Paybill. Enter 220388 as the business number and ID no.(which you used to register)as the account number. Enter 100 as the amount, enter your M-Pesa PIN and send.


If successful, you will receive an SMS confirming your registration, together with your Crystobol PIN and link to your free credit report.

Download your free Credit Report

Log on to :

Enter your phone number and the Reference number received. Remember to check your Metro Score and your Credit Report regularly.

Credit Report

Check the financial institution that has blacklisted you and clear with them. Ensure they give you a MCRB reference number.

Apply For Certificate of Clearance

Dial *433#. Enter your PIN(As received at No. 6). Select number 4 for Certificate of Clearance, then confirm with 1. You will receive a message requesting you to pay 2,200Ksh.



Go to Mpesa -> Lipa na Mpesa -> Paybill. Enter 220388 as business number and your ID number as the account number. Enter amount as 2,200 and your Mpesa Pin and send.


Certificate of Clearance

If your payment status has been changed you will receive a reference number that you will use in the link provided. Download your Certificate of Clearance and print.



For more info :

Call :+254 742344522

or send an email to

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