How can i Create my TIMS account today

How can i Create my TIMS account today

How to Create your TIMS account Online

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) requires citizens to have a TIMS account so you can manage key transport services in one place. To set up your TIMS account is simple, free and only takes a few minutes.

Why do I need a TIMS account?

The government have located all their NTSA services to one portal. Having a TIMS account will enable you to access the following services:

  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Motor vehicle inspection booking
  • Motor vehicle transfer of ownership
  • Motor vehicle record search
  • Application for smart Driving License
  • Application for duplicated logbook
  • Application for reflective number plate

Before we get started, it is important to note that only one account can be registered to each phone number. So you cannot register more than one TIMS account to the same phone number.

Once registered, if you need to transfer your TIMS account to a different phone number, you need to visit the NTSA offices.

How to Create your TIMS account
  1. To start your registration, go to the NTSA website at

Navigate to the Services list and select TIMS. You should reach this window; the NTSA self service portal.

2. Towards the bottom of the log in window you will see the option to register (circled in red in the picture below)

3. Select the appropriate option for you whether you are an individual, a dealer, an agent, a finance institution, a company or a driving school.

4. You will also need to add your status as a citizen, alien and then add you ID serial number.

5. One the next page you need to input your KRA PIN, your mother’s maiden name, your phone number and your current profession.

6. To proceed, a verification code will be sent to your phone.

7. Key in this code to finish your registration.

Once you have completed your TIMS registration you can now log into the NTSA self-service portal to use the services you need.

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