How to Create TIMS Account Using New TIMS VIRL Portal

How to Create TIMS Account Using New TIMS VIRL Portal

Create TIMS Account Using New TIMS VIRL Portal

TIMS Account Using New TIMS VIRL Portal

This is how you create a TIMS account using the new TIMS VIRL portal. The National Transport and Safety Authority recently launched a revamped portal. This was done to improve the services offered. 

The new portal was created to reduce congestion to provide better services to a larger number of people. 

The Integrated Country Engine portal is accessible from both mobile devices (smartphones) and a personal computer.

The New NTSA TIMS account will help manage the following services: 

  • Vehicle Registration (New Registration and Reregistration). 
  • Motor Vehicle Ownership Transfer.
  • Vehicle Inspection (Booking and Payment).
  • Vehicles Records Management.

To access the portal, one must have an account. The following are the categories of users who can register on the TIMS VIRL portal:

  • Individual  
  • Dealer  
  • Financial Institution  
  • Company  
  • Driving School
Note on Driving Licenses

Application and renewal of smart driving licenses process is still being done on the old TIMS NTSA account. Thus you will still need your old account to apply for a smart driving license or renew it.

How to Register an Individual Account on the New TIMS VIRL Portal

This registration option is for individuals who are registering for the first time. In other words, individuals who were not registered in the previous TIMS Portal. If you had previously created an account on the TIMS NTSA Portal, skip this step.

1. Access the TIMS VIRL website. Once it opens, on the right-hand side, make sure you see the username, password and security code option. If the security code option is missing, press F5 to refresh your page until the three buttons appear.

2. Click on the register account option.

3. Select the registration type that you wish to register for.

4. For an individual account the option is either Kenyan citizen or Alien (Foreign Resident). Click next after selecting the individual type.

5. Enter your ID serial number

Enter your ID serial number and click on the search button. This will enable the system to retrieve your data already captured by the government. If your ID serial number is not found, visit or call any Huduma Center or NTSA offices. This happens when you have changed your ID or it is a very new one.

6. If your serial is found, proceed to enter your mother’s maiden name. Click on the search button. Note that you should only enter one name. If the maiden name is not found in the system, try the other names, but again one at a time. The spelling of the name matters a lot.

7. Enter your KRA pin and click search. In case you forgot your pin, check this article on how to retrieve your forgotten KRA Pin.

8. Once your pin is confirmed the next page opens. Fill in all the required information such as a physical address, email, phone number among others. The email phone numbers are verified. This is by entering a code that will be sent to both of them, but one at a time.

9. After submission of your details wait for a message that will be sent to your registered phone. It contains your username which is mostly the ID and password. Use these details to log in. Enter the username and password and click get code. Enter the code you will receive on your mobile and proceed to log in.

What If Have an Account on the Old TIMS NTSA Portal?

If you have an account on the old TIMS NTSA portal, you do not have to create an account. All your details and vehicles if any have been migrated to the new system.

To access the new TIMS VIRL system, all you need is to use the option of forgot password. Under the username option, enter your ID number and proceed.

Some information relating to your account will be displayed. This is information is only some part of your phone number.

If the number is yours and accessible at the moment, click on send code option. A verification code will be sent to your cell phone.

After entering the one time code, the system will request you to change your password. Change your password and proceed to login into your account.

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