How to Apply for KRA Pin

How to Apply for KRA Pin

There are many instances where you will require to apply for KRA pin. This document links you with the taxman for the purpose of taxation. The pin certificate is applied online and takes less than five minutes for someone with experience. Upon completion of the required processes, you get the document instantly. There are two types of KRA apin certificates; one for individuals and other for companies, schools, NGOs, and other such entities. Here we are going to discuss on how to apply for the KRA pin for an individual.

Keep in mind that the moment you get a KRA pin, you are liable to paying taxes. This means you should remember to file your income tax returns annually.

Apply for KRA Pin

Step by Step Guide on how to apply for the KRA Pin

    • Go to the iTax portal

    • On the left-hand side where it is written ‘Do you want to apply for KRA pin?’, click on the Register button.

  • On the next page for taxpayer type, select individual and mode of registration select online form. Click next to proceed. An e-registration form for individual opens.

  • Select your registration status which is either: Kenyan, Non-Kenyan Resident or Non-Kenyan Non-Resident. To register as a Non-Kenyan Resident you will require an Alien ID and for Non-Kenyan Non-Resident, you will require a passport, for Kenyan you will require your national ID. There are three basic tabs that you have to fill.

Basic Information Tab

    • Select the appropriate residential details.

    • Select your profession. Start with the major group then subgroup and finally the minor group.

    • On the national ID details area, enter your ID number.

  • On the individual data section, enter your date of birth as it appears on the ID. If on the ID the date has no month and date, then use 01/07 then the year indicated on the document. Immediately after entering the date, if the ID number and date of birth are correct, some of your personal data and parent details are auto–populated. If you get an error message that ‘A PIN has been issued for entered National Identity Number xxxxxxxxx. Kindly enter different National Identity Number or consult nearest KRA office for clarification’, this means if you have entered the correct details, then you already have a pin. In such a case you should go to any KRA station or Huduma center with your original ID. They will retrieve your pin.

  • For the Principal Physical Address, indicate where you stay by entering the street or road, County, Building, City or Town, District, and your Tax area. Note that the physical address you select should be an area you can access easily. This is because it will be your tax station where you will be going whenever you have issues relating to your pin or taxes.

More Information on How to Apply for KRA Pin

    • Enter your principal postal address and postal code.

    • The next stage is to enter contact details. Enter your mobile number and email address. Make sure you can be able to access the email address you provide. After entering your email address, it is checked if it has been used by another taxpayer. You will get a popup message ‘In order to continue using iTax functionality you are required to verify your email address. Please click “Send OTP” button to receive OTP on the mentioned email address.’ Click on the new button that appears so as to send an OTP code on your registered email.

    • Open your email and check for an email from admin.itax2. Look for a four-digit code, note it down and go back to the iTax portal. Enter the one time password where it is written ‘OTP code’. Note that the code should be used within the first 15 minutes as it expires after that.

  • The other information that follows after is optional. That is SMS notifications, alternative address, bank account details if you are a director elsewhere, and tributary bonds. At this stage, you are ready to go to the next tab.

KRA Pin Application Form

Tax Obligation Details Tab

The tax obligation detail is crucial as it determines the tax type and when you will be paying for it. For an individual, the tax type is income tax resident. If you are a non-resident, then select income tax non-resident. The income tax return is filed annually and has to be before June 30 to avoid penalties. Total amount to be paid depends on your annual earnings. Those with no jobs can file zero or nil return. After selecting the income tax, select the registration date which is usually the same day you are applying for your pin.

OTP Verification

Source of Income

In this tab, you have to indicate where you get your source of income from. If you have no income select no for employment, business and rental income. If you have employment income, select yes and then provide the employers’ pin. Click on add button to have the employer details saved in the database. If you have business income, make sure you have the business registration certificate with you. Select yes and enter all the required information and click add to save. Further down; select the sector of the economy your business is involved in. Once done, remember to click on the add button. If you have rental houses, select rental income and select the economy involved in; again remember to add to save the records. Click next.

Income Tax Obligation Inactive

E-Agent Details

This tab is not necessary unless you have an authorized agent who can submit any kind of application on your behalf. Well, if there is continue to fill in all the necessary details. Once done, perform the arithmetic problem provided and click on submit. You will get a message alerting you that you will be getting any communication from iTax in the email you have provided. Click on submit to finish the process.

After submitting, the KRA pin is generated. A link will be provided which you click to download the KRA Pin. A copy of the pin together with your password for the first time login is sent to your email.

How to change your First Time pin Password

Go to your email and locate an email from admin.itax2. The mail will be having your KRA pin and auto-generated password. Go to iTax portal login page. Enter your pin and click on continue. Enter the auto-generated password, perform the provided calculation and click on log in. On the next page, enter the old password from your email, then enter a new password and confirm it. Select a security question, agree to terms and conditions and then submit the form. Note the password as you will be using it anytime you are accessing the iTax portal.

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