How to register and Reset your Ecitizen Account

How to register and Reset your Ecitizen Account

Since its launch, ecitizen Kenya has proven a major hit with Kenyans thanks largely to the way it has simplified access to myriad government services. Indeed, almost the whole government is available to you via ecitizen and you no longer have to travel/queue for many hours just to get a simple document like a good conduct.

From vehicle transfers, NTSA services (ecitizen ntsa), County government licenses (for a number of counties), epassport applications (on the passport application Kenya page), and more, the e citizen kenya self-service portal makes everything so simple.


Best of all, the only requirement is for you to have an e citizen kenya account to start enjoying virtually every government service.

In this guide, I will take you through an in-depth e citizen review including how to benefit from the various services.

We will also look at a few of the frequently asked questions about the web portal.

What is Ecitizen Kenya?

In short, ecitizen kenya is a government sponsored citizen utility services website. It’s from this massive internet site that you get a plethora of services including:

  • Application for Kenyan VISA (including Kenya visa on arrival)
  • NTSA services like booking for motor vehicle inspection, ecitizen kenya driving licence renewal, and logbook transfers.
  • National hospital insurance fund services (also check the official accredited NHIF hospitals list here)
  • Good conduct request (you can even download certificate of good conduct)
  • E passport application Kenya and east African passport applications
  • Customs goods declaration
  • Customs manifest lodgement
  • Tax agent checker
  • Kra pin application/registration
  • Excisable goods management system
  • Kra pin checker
  • Kra returns filing
  • Tax compliance certificate (tcc) checker
  • Withholding tax checker
  • Business name registration
  • Business name search
  • Notice of marriage
  • Issuance of a registrar’s certificate
  • Solemnization of marriage
  • Issuance of a marriage certificate
  • Commissioning of marriage affidavits
  • Special licenses for marriage
  • Provisional driving license
  • Driving test booking
  • Interim driving license
  • Driving license renewal (1 year)
  • Driving classes endorsement
  • Duplicate driving license
  • Driving license information corrections
  • Official land search (Nairobi blocks)
  • Land rent clearance certificates

E citizen contacts

If you want assistance, you can get in touch with the ecitizen help desk staff using the following contacts:

*If all fails, visit eCitizen support Desk  at Nyayo House, counter 12.

How can I open eCitizen account?

As mentioned, you need to have an account on www.ecitizen.go.keto obtain any essential government service.

Here now is how to complete the straightforward e citizen registration procedure:


Open your browser, for example, Mozilla firefox/google chrome and type in in the address bar.

You are taken here:











Now follow the simple registration steps as follows:

  1. Click create account. Now the ecitizen portal moves here.
















2. Press create an account under the highlighted Kenyan Citizen tab.

3. Now you will be here.


4. Fill in your ID card number then your first name (as it is in your ID). Click validate


5. After validation, the system will display your full name and your ID details on the screen. If satisfied, proceed to type your email address. Note that you must confirm your email address by entering it twice in the space given. You also need to type your mobile phone number before typing a good password in the provided spaces.

Next, you read and agree to the listed terms and conditions then click continue.

6. Before moving on, go and log into your email address (the one you gave above) so as to verify your email. To do this, just click and open the new email you find in your inbox from eCitizen and click verify.


On the other hand, to verify your telephone number, type it in the area provided and click on send verification code. A fresh unique code is sent to your phone as an SMS.

Type it in the box marked Enter the verification SMS sent to your mobile phone via SMS then tap on verify.


7. Finally (optional) upload a clear passport photo (500×500 pixels in size minimum) to your account.

That’s all. You e citizen kenya login credentials are registered and verified for use so all of the e citizen services will henceforth be available to you.


Please note that you must be a Kenyan Citizen with a national ID card number. Foreign residents can also register provided they have a valid National alien card Number.

ecitizen Login (how to login and even to recover your password if lost)

·        Login to ecitizen account

You will be using your ecitizen Login to enter into your eCitizen portal in Kenya account anytime you need a government service.

How to login(Steps):

  1. Go to this link  ( login)

This screen loads.
















Enter your ID number/email address plus your password as created earlier on then click login.


The system will log you in.  The service services dashboard is shown as below so just press on your liked service and go ahead to apply.

County Governments with services on e-Citizen

Several county governments have collaborated with e citizen Kenya and have some of their services listed on the website. These are:

  1. County Government of Nyeri
  2. County Government of Mombasa
  3. County Government of Kisumu


This means you can get your business permit/license from the e citizen if your business is located in any of these counties.

How to change ecitizen password kenya (ecitizen account recovery)

Recovering your e citizen password is quite simple.


  1. Go to the usual eCitizen login page here. When there, click on forgot your password?

How do I register my business name on eCitizen?


The system goes here:

ecitizen mombasa

To Recover your eCitizen password via email:

Fill in your official registered email address (the one on the portal). The password reset instruction details are sent to this email box.



1.      Click on email me the link to reset my password then select continue.

2.      Now rush to your email inbox and sign in. You will find a password reset email from eCitizen.

3.      Open this email and click the attached link which takes you to the password resetting screen below.
















Your work is only to enter a new password (remember to confirm it) and lastly click reset my password.

From now you’ll be logging in using this new email.
















To Recover your eCitizen password using your ID number:

The ID number method is seemingly easier for many kenyans.
Here you enter the ID number (in place of your email).

The computer goes here:
















You can request the ecitizen portal to send a password recovery SMS code.

Select send the reset code through my mobile number.


Click continue.

Now head over to your phone and locate the SMS code from eCitizen.

Type this code in the next window and click continue.

















A new password reset screen loads.
















Your work is only to enter a new password (remember to confirm it) and lastly click reset my password.

From now you’ll be logging in using this new email.


Ecitizen Kenya: Frequently asked questions

Q: Does ecitizen work at night

A: Yes. E citizen kenya is on online platform so it works 24/7, 365.


Q: How do I change my details on ecitizen

A: Here is how to change details on ecitizen:

Click against your name found at the right hand corner (top) and choose my account.

Your profile opens. Click on the relevant fields and edit them as needed.



ecitizen Kenya is your gateway to practically all government services in our nation.

For this reason, you must have account to help you interact with the system.

Just register an e citizen account and get going.

So, why not maximize the conveniences offered by the popular ecitizen Kenya website?

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