How to Update Kra Pin on Itax Portal

How to Update Kra Pin on Itax Portal

This article will help you update your KRA Pin on iTax portal. The taxman issues KRA pin to individuals and companies in Kenya. The main reason for issuing the KRA pin is for tax purposes.

With the advent of changing technologies, most of the government institutions have digitized their operations. This has eradicated manual tax transactions. To enjoy online services, older pins must be updated on iTax. This portal is for all transactions relating to KRA pins of individuals and companies.

Many people have complied with the directive to update their KRA pin to the iTax portal. However, there are those who are yet to update theirs. After updating you will be able to file your returns and access other features such as reprinting your pin certificate. This information here will help you update KRA pin on iTax.

How to Update Kra Pin to iTax

What You Need to Update Kra Pin on Itax

  1. KRA pin number. You only need the number but not the printout itself. If you do not have the number, then you can go to any Huduma centre with your original ID. They will retrieve the pin for you. An alternative method is to scan both sides of your original ID and email it to requesting them to check and email you your KRA pin.
  2. ID Number – you will need your ID number.
  3. Date of birth – this must be the date of birth as it appears on your identification document.
  4. An accessible email – You will receive an OTP code and your updated KRA pin.
Updating Kra Pin

To Update Kra Pin on Itax Portal

  • Go to iTax portal and enter your KRA pin and click on continue.
  • The next screen will have a message ‘You have not updated your details in iTax.’ Click on the icon written ‘Click Here to Update’.
  • The next step is to select the taxpayer type which is either individual or non-individual. The non-individual option is for companies, churches, NGOs among others.
  • In the same stage select the citizenship. This will either be Kenyan, Non-Kenyan Resident, or Non-Kenyan Non-Resident.
  • For residents, once you click on Kenyan, the next stage is to enter your national identification number and date of birth as it appears on your ID. Perform the arithmetic calculation provided and click next. If on your ID there is no exact date of birth and month, then you should input 01/07/ and then your year of birth. If this does not work, then you will have to go to the Huduma centre or any KRA station for help.

Fill all Parts With an Asterisk

  • On the next screen that appears, most of your data will be auto-populated relating to what you had filled when applying for the pin. However, you will have to fill the Employee’s Profession. Select the major group before going to subgroup. Finally, select what is most close to your profession in the ‘minor’ group.
  • Down where it is written the pin will be issued with your name, tick on the radial button for yes if your name is okay.
  • Enter your desired physical address and make sure all blank spaces with an asterisk are filled. For the areas with a drop-down, you have to make a selection.
  • Fill in your principal postal address.
  • For contact details, enter your mobile number and email address. After typing the email address, you will get a message that the email address must be verified. Click on okay and then click send OTP so that the code can be sent to the specified email.
  • Log in to your email and check the mail from admin.itax2. Get the code which is a four-digit number, go back to the portal and type it where it is written One Time Password.
  • Fill the rest of the details and click on next.

KRA Pin Obligation Details

  • In the next window for obligation details, the income tax resident option will be checked. Here you cannot change any details. If any other obligation is selected, then there is a problem and you should not continue updating your pin. You should go to any KRA centre and seek help for the removal of the unwanted obligation. Click next.
  • The next window is for the source of income. For those employed, select employment and indicate your employer pin. Then click on add to save the employer details. If it is business, select business and be ready to declare your business details. The same case will apply for the rental option. If none applies to you, select ‘NO’ for the three options. To proceed click next.
  • The next tab is for agents and you do not have to enter any information unless you have an agent who can transact on your behalf. Click on next.
  • On the remarks tab, there is nothing to fill. Click on submit. If all the details you have entered are correct, the form will be submitted and a pin generated automatically. Download the pin for your use and note that you can also get the pin from your email.
How to Update Kra Pin

Itax First Time Login and Filling Returns

After a successful update, the next thing should be to login to your iTax portal. Check your email and you will get an email with your pin and password. Use these credentials to log and then file your income tax returns.

Reprint KRA Pin Certificate

After loging in, you can reprint your pin certificate.

  • Click on registration tab and select reprint pin certificate option.
  • Applicant type select tax payer and submit.
  • Clink on the link generated to download your pin.

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