How to Register For Your E-Citizen Account in Kenya

How to Register For Your E-Citizen Account in Kenya











Thanks to technological developments in the country, you no longer need to go to physical government offices for public services such as passport application and renewal of licenses, etc. These and many other services are easily accessible to you through an online portal called the Ecitizen. All you need to do is register and create your personal account, from where you can access all these services and more.

Importance of having an Ecitizen account

You might think that having an Ecitizen account is unnecessary. However, most government offices, including Huduma centres, will require you to have this account in order to administer their services. Some of the benefits of having an Ecitizen account include:

  • Access to government services
  • Fast and handy, with less waiting time.
  • Centralization of processes, as opposed to previous systems that required you to move from one office to the other.
  • Allows you to monitor the progress of long processes.
  • Accessible from anywhere geographically as long as you have an account and internet access.

Services available on Ecitizen

The services you can access via your Ecitizen account include, but are not limited to

  1. Application for a certificate of good conduct.
  2. NTSA services like renewal of driver’s licenses and booking for vehicle inspection.
  3. Business name registration.
  4. Business name search.
  5. Notice of marriage
  6. Solemnization of marriage
  7. KRA services such as pin registration and filing returns.
  8. Land rent clearance certificates.
  9. Declaring of goods at customs.
  10. Manifest lodgement at customs.

Requirements for your Ecitizen account

You can register your account from a smart phone or from a cyber. For a successful account creation, you will need the following things.

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  • Your original ID card.
  • A phone and phone number.
  • A working email address.
  • A working internet connection.

Steps for registering your Ecitizen

  1. Go to your browser and open it. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results.
  2. Go the search box and type in
  3. Once in the website, carefully read the options provided. You can use this time to scheme through and familiarize yourself with the portal.
  4. Find the ‘Create Account’ option and click on it.
  5. This will take you to a new page with different options. If you are a Kenyan Citizen, choose the first option, which reads eCitizen Kenyan Citizen Create Account. If you are a foreign resident, choose the second option.
  6. The new page comes in form format that requires you to fill in some details. These include you ID number, your first name as it appears on your ID, a working email address, your mobile number and a password.
  7. All the steps are easy and straightforward. As for your password, make sure it is something unique to you but easily remembered. You can use your ID number, your middle name, the name of a close relative, favourite town, or anything that means something to you. Most people put in passwords without giving them a second thought. They thus forget them immediately they finish with the registration. It is important to remember your password because you will need it each time you log in.
  8. Once you fill in all the details, Ecitizen will send a validation code to the phone number you provided. Thus, keep on the lookout. The text message will come as a 4-digit code. Enter this code in the provided box.
  9. In a few seconds, the portal will verify your information and then your Ecitizen account will be ready.
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Bonus information

  • If you are using a public computer, make sure you log out before leaving the cyber.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • If you have any questions or queries, Ecitizen contacts are as follows:

Telephone: +254780206206 or +254743946150

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